Maximum age to make a loan

Les séniors et le crédit Revolving credit is an account with multiple names: permanent account , revolving credit , credit money reserve , ... All of this is the same thing.
The principle of this account initially comes from the United States and has been adopted for several decades by credit institutions. Since the mid-1990s, general banks have been offering this type of credit to their customers.

Older, more risky!

One thing is certain: the fact of being 50, 60 or 70 years old necessarily has an impact on the risk of non-payment of a credit file. If in France insurance is optional concerning consumer credit, a banker can completely refuse a loan to a customer who does not want to be insured . The law does not require banks to give reasons for a refusal of credit (or an agreement for that matter!). You should know that you have the possibility to ensure a credit file in an establishment other than that offered by the bank. It is a little longer and requires more formalities (banker side and insurer side).

Until what age is it possible to make a consumer credit?

There is no official limit , and therefore each bank or credit institution offers loans as long as the person is insurable according to their internal criteria .
To find out the age limits for taking out a loan, we therefore searched the insurance conditions of the main financial institutions on the Internet.
Please note, it is not because you are below the age limit that the file will necessarily be accepted: your budget , your family situation , the subject of the loan , your history ( bad payer ) ... may result in a refusal credit.
For each establishment tested, find out in our comparative table below until what age it can lend you money.

Maximum age to subscribe to credit insurance (death guarantee)
Paydaynow Sofinco Paydaychampion Cofinoga FLOA bank Younited Credit
Maximum age - 80 years old 80 years old - 70 years old - 80 years old 72 years old - 76 years old
Insurance Info
on the site
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

- FLOA bank : borrowers must be 70 years old maximum on 12/31 of the subscription year.
- Younited Credit : The Senior option (Death only) can be taken out from the age of 65 inclusive on the eve of the 76th birthday (age at which the credit is taken out).
- Franfinance and Carrefour Banque do not communicate on the insurance conditions on their respective sites.

The most accessible establishments for seniors are therefore:
Paydaynow , Cofinoga and Sofinco.


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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