Consumer credit

This denomination includes all the loans granted by a bank or a financial institution to an individual to finance goods or services on a personal basis. Only licensed professionals are authorized to practice the profession of banker. If in doubt, notify the DGCCRF .

Several formulas exist depending on the place where you take out the credit.

Personal loan

This type of loan is offered by banks or financial institutions. In theory, you do n't have to justify the use of funds. In practice you will generally be asked what you intend them for.
Up to an amount of US $ 21,500 you benefit from laws for consumer protection.
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Revolving credit

Banks, financial institutions or stores, all of them offer you revolving credits (old permanent accounts ).
You open a line of credit which corresponds to an overdraft authorization in which you can take financing up to the authorized sum .
These accounts are usually provided with a credit card allowing you to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs.
How revolving credit works .

The affected loan or credit

You take out this loan at a store or car dealership . Credit and good are linked. If the good cannot be delivered, the credit is canceled. Likewise, if the credit is not accepted, the sale is canceled.
The company that offers you the credit is mandated but the papers you fill out come from a financial institution. The latter pays the funds directly to your seller.

Rental with option to purchase (LOA)

Offered by banks or car dealerships, you don't buy the vehicle, you become a tenant . Your car is owned by the financial institution .
You generally pay a first rent plus a security deposit and then rent over a period of 60 months . At the end of the period you must pay the purchase option to become, finally, the owner ...

Free Credit

It is an affected loan with a rate of 0% . This promotional offer is generally offered by stores wishing to retain consumers with an attractive financial offer. It should be noted that the zero rate credit does not exist, it is the merchant who generally takes care of the agios. He prefers to lower his margin on the product to sell larger quantities.

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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