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Find here the different types of loans, useful addresses to find out who can help you (organizations, consumer associations), how your credit works (personal loan, revolving, consumer credit), how to repay a loan, offers of credit at 0 us dollars for 2 or 3 months ...

The credit mediator

If you have difficulty making your voice heard about a problem concerning your credit, you have the option of contacting the credit mediator who will become your intermediary to settle your dispute with your banking or credit institution.
Contact the credit mediator.

Useful addresses

Who to contact when you have a problem with a bank or a credit institution? There are state bodies, a mediator, consumer associations ... But you can also contact the CNIL, the Banque de France ...
Useful credit addresses.

Credit lexicon

APR , revolving credit , withdrawal , ASF , prior offer , amortization , TNC ... The least we can say is that you need a dictionary to understand the credit offers! Rkenney Law takes stock and tries to explain the acronyms, abbreviations and technical terms of credit to you in simple terms.
Lexicon and Dictionary of credit

Consumer credit

This term covers all the loans or leases that you can take out in your bank or with a financial institution. Consumer credit is reserved for purchases you make on a personal basis.
Consumer credit.

Revolving credit (previously called revolving or cash reserve )

Often criticized on television channels, the revolving credit, or "permanent account", also has advantages ... RkenneyLaw Credit explains how this credit works and what to avoid ... You will be able to use your reserve money without being fooled!
Revolving credit, revolving, permanent account, cash reserve.

Personal loan

Car credit, work credit, vacation loan ... Behind these terms is simply a personal loan that you can take out in your bank or in a credit institution. These are usually the cheapest rates ...
The personal loan.

Repay a loan

Depending on the type of credit you have taken out (revolving, personal loan, home loan), your rights and duties in terms of prepayment are not the same ... And the simplest is not necessarily the one that you believes!
Repay your loan in advance.

Offer 0 us dollar for 2 or 3 months

Very tempting, these credit offers where you are offered to reimburse nothing for several months are not necessarily interesting. It is better to read the small lines and peel the conditions of the offer!
Start repaying after 2 or 3 months.

Small monthly payment offers

What to think about credit offers promising you to repay very small monthly payments, generally from 15 us dollars ....? If you are tempted, you can subscribe to this type of credit but be smart and repay as soon as possible!
Small monthly credit payments.

Consumer credit laws

More than a half dozen laws governing consumer credit have already been adopted, and yet the number of over-indebtedness files is only increasing. New texts are therefore still in preparation. Doesn't overprotecting the consumer end up completely disempowering them?
Consumer credit laws.
Consumer Credit Bill - 2010.
Lagarde law on consumer credit - 2011.

Supporting documents to provide to apply for credit

The lending institution will ask you for a certain number of papers (bank statements, identity documents, proof of address, etc.). This is not to annoy you, it is, for its part, an obligation. This will allow him to assess your personal and financial situation and verify that you will be able to repay the amount borrowed.
What documents should I provide for a credit application?
Frequently asked questions about the papers to be provided for a loan?

To consult:
Frequently asked questions about the papers to be provided for a loan?


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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