Apply for credit on the Internet

Why apply for your credit on the Internet?

Your banker asks you to come see him to make a loan? You have to make an appointment ... But you do not want to waste time traveling or explaining ... You tell yourself why not on the Internet ... A brief tour online and you see that credit institutions offer broken rate offers ...
It's decided ? Still hesitating? Rkenney Law takes stock of online credit application, pitfalls to avoid , best practices and what to expect ...

How to choose the right site?

Credit sites are plentiful. On the other hand, the sites emanating from real financial establishments can be counted on the fingers of two hands ... As a reminder, the best known are Paydaychampion , Paydaynow , Cofinoga , Franfinance ... but there are new ones like Younited Credit , or Carrefour Bank .

To make a first selection, follow your instinct!

Fortunately, the sites that were not serious have all disappeared: animations, cartoons and flash colors have disappeared with the sites that presented them! In addition, credit laws have gradually prevented institutions from communicating excessively.
Today, the majority of credit underwriting sites no longer use old marketing recipes from another age.
Despite this, if you find a site whose credit offer is drowned in “exceptional and miraculous” animations and offers, go your way!
It's simple: the more it flashes and moves in all directions, the more we try to hide something from you ... and this is often the rate!

Make simulations!

Before filling out a complete form, use the credit simulation tools generally available to you. For a simulation, you only indicate your purchase , the amount of credit and the desired duration .
Warning : if you are forced to fill in boxes with your name, your first name and your telephone number, it is because this is not a simple simulation but a request for credit: exit this site, it tries to obtain your contact details!

Some simulations are not precise and you cannot really choose the amount of your credit: for example you cannot enter exactly 1250 us dollars ... You are forced to take less (1000 us dollars) or more (1500 us dollars ) ...
In any case, once the result is obtained, note 4 things:

  • the total cost of credit , which is the most important element
  • the monthly payment (excluding insurance) offered by the establishment,
  • administration fees if applicable,
  • the APR (Global Effective Annual Rate) for information.

Check that you will get an immediate response!

There is no point in filling out your file on the Internet if you do not get an answer online (in this case go see your banker, it will take that long!). Establishments that offer an immediate response use the arguments from the home page of the site ... Identify them: Answer in principle in 5 minutes, Immediate answer or even Answer in principle online ...

Fill in the form

Have you carried out several simulations on different sites? Do you know which establishment gives you the best offer? All you have to do is complete the online form ...
Usually, you have about 30 questions , spread over 2 to 8 pages. It might sound like a lot, but it's actually normal to get a real response online.
On this subject, do not lie in your answers because in any case the data which you indicate will be verified and a false declaration can cause you harm.
Do not forget to specify if you have a spouse, especially if he works, because this allows to establish a budget taking into account the 2 incomes ... and therefore to multiply your chances of accepting credit.
At one point or another, the question of credit insurance will arise. You have the choice to subscribe or not, it is optional. However, we can only encourage you to sign it because it covers your reimbursements in the event of illness, unemployment and ... death (check the guarantees on the site). This avoids adding a worry of money in the event of an accident of life. In addition, credit institutions are more inclined to accept a file if it is insured ...

The credit report

Depending on the site, you can print your contract online and / or receive it by mail.
In case of online printing, the advantage is that you have your contract immediately: the disadvantage is often ten unreadable pages (be careful with your ink cartridge!).
For a reception at home, depending on the establishment, count between 48 hours ( Paydaynow ) and 92 hours ( Paydaychampion ).
Attention, on all contracts it is imperative not to overload, cross out, put white ... this purely and simply cancels the contract.

How to choose the right offer?

For a "small" amount of less than 5000 us dollars , the revolving account may be a better solution than the personal loan: ease of reducing and increasing the monthly payments, ease of sending a check at any time to partially settle your credit.

For an amount greater than 5000 us dollars , prefer the personal loan which is adapted to your project ... For the purchase of a car or a motorhome choose the corresponding credit: a car loan will offer you durations of more appropriate credit than a cash reserve.

Are you looking for the cheapest credit?

Your Questions - Our Answers
" I want to take a loan but I don't want to declare my friend. Do I have to? "

The question to ask is rather why not make it appear !?… Indeed, if you make a request for credit with 2 salaries (instead of one) your file has more chance of being accepted. Moreover, when you describe your family situation, you will therefore make a false declaration with the risks that this entails.
Your Questions - Our Answers
" I refunded everything and I'm still on file. What should I do? "

After the filing, it takes two months for all financial institutions to update their own files. However, the registration continues after this period, check certain elements.


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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