I am registered Banque de France ... or the FCC registration

In everyday language, we often hear someone say that they are "BDF file" or "Banque de France file". Without being totally false, this is a misnomer because the Banque de France manages several files. This Banque de France file actually corresponds to a file at the FCC , Central File for Unpaid Checks .

What is FCC Tagging?

The Central File for Unpaid Checks

The FCC is a file managed by the Banque de France to list people who have been prohibited (of banking or judicial origin) from issuing checks . Also included in the FCC file are people who are prohibited from using a Credit Card .
This filing occurs when you have issued one or more bad checks, or used your bank card in an abusive manner. In these cases your bank pronounces a prohibition sentence against you in order to withdraw your check books and your bank card. Each financial institution or bank is required to query this file when opening a current account, or when subscribing to a means of payment (checkbook or bank card).

In which cases is one stuck FCC?

The most frequent case is that of the unpaid check . You have issued a check for a third party (individual, company, administration, etc.) and you did not have sufficient funds in your account. Your account manager therefore refused payment for the check.
As soon as you are informed, you must rectify your situation immediately by paying the third party recipient of the check:

  • by paying it directly and collecting your check to give to your banker
  • by asking him to represent the check after having funded your account
  • by blocking the amount of the unpaid check in your bank account.

It is also possible that you are registered with the FCC because you have used your credit card in a disproportionate way compared to the income domiciled in your bank account. In this case your bank can confiscate your card or invalidate it and request your registration from the FCC.
In any case, contact your banker to find the best solution. FCC registration is not to be taken lightly. The consequences of carding on your daily life being important, it should be avoided at all costs. Paying the rent, shopping without a bank card or checkbook turns your life into a real nightmare!

How long does the FCC registration take?

Following unpaid checks:

  • if you do not regularize your payment incidents, the filing will last 5 years,
  • defhage within 2 months if you pay your creditors and the costs they have incurred.

Following the misuse of a bank card:

  • if you do not regularize your situation, the registration will last 2 years from the decision to withdraw your card,
  • if you pay your bank the amount of incidents related to the use of your card and you ask them to be removed from the file. But your bank will not have to reissue you a card.

How can I no longer be registered with the FCC?

Pay all checks that were declined.

Do not confuse the FCC and the FICP

An individual can be registered with the FICP without being registered with the FCC ... and vice versa. One does not necessarily lead to the other, even if both are managed by the Banque de France.
In short, FICP registration prevents you from making new credits , while FCC registration prevents you from using a checkbook or bank card (Visa or Mastercard).

Banque de France (FCC) file and credit application?

The FCC file gives information to banks and credit institutions that you have had rejected checks. However, the FCC file does not prevent you from requesting a credit ...
Credit institutions may knowingly accept your request if the incidents at the origin of your file are not too important.

Our advice: ask for a personal loan rather than a reserve of money. Indeed, the reserve of money being often accompanied by a bank card, the credit would be automatically refused.

Depending on the institution, you can only apply for a personal loan from a certain amount, see the table below:

Minimum loan amount per establishment
Establishment Personal loan
Direct link
Cetelem $ 500 Paydaynow
Cofidis $ 500 Paydaychampion
Carrefour Banque 3000 $ Carrefour Bank
FLOA bank $ 3,500 FLOA bank
Cofinoga $ 4000 Cofinoga

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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