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ADIE: Association for the Right to Economic Initiative

ADIE ADIE is an association whose objective is to help people wishing to set up a small business through microcredit.
When you are unemployed and have an idea of ​​business, crafts (creation of clothing or jewelry, sale in markets, installation of a catering van, hairdressing at home ...) it is very difficult find a bank to lend you the startup stake. Your bank, calculating the risk against your current income, prefers to deny you the credit. Credit institutions will also refuse you, but for another reason: they only finance personal and non-professional projects.

For who ?

ADIE is an association dedicated to unemployed people, often excluded from the traditional banking system, who wish to set up their micro-business and therefore create their own job. Note, being banned from banking is not a problem.

How to prepare your request?

To submit your request to ADIE, you must have prepared your file and assessed your needs for the launch of the activity:

  • rental of a room, a vehicle, a pitch
  • purchase of material
  • purchase of a stock
  • a little publicity ...
Once your project is well put together, you can present it to ADIE. Your file is then studied. Be aware that ADIE may ask you for a deposit from those around you.

How ?

For your first microcredit application, you can borrow an amount of 500 to 2000 us dollars over a period of 6 to 12 months . The second time, your microcredit can be up to 3500 us dollars over a maximum of 24 months . For the following microloans, the maximum amount is 6000 us dollars . Of course, to chain several microcredits you must have repaid the previous ones ...
The APR changes between 15 and 20% .

How to apply?

To contact ADIE, you can go directly to the ADIE website , and complete the dedicated form .
ADIE is also a help for the launch of your activity. You can thus acquire bases on accounting, management, the statutes of your micro-enterprise ...
u Follow this link to simulate your microcredit online or apply for a microcredit online .


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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