How to get credit quickly?

For French consumers, the second criterion concerning the choice of a loan is the speed of obtaining , just after the rate .
In short, the consumer wants to have the amount credited to his account very quickly. This need for responsiveness and speed means that the number of credit applications on the Internet is constantly increasing ...

The law and the speed of obtaining a loan

All credit agencies and banks must follow laws that protect the consumer. In practice, two periods follow one another:
D to D + 7: period of reflection
During the 7 days which follow the signature of the contract, the bank is not entitled to deliver the funds to your account. She can give you her consent, but not transfer funds.
D to D + 14: withdrawal period
From the date you sign the contract (or the prior credit offer) you can, at any time, withdraw within 15 (calendar) days by returning the withdrawal form.
Between the 7th and the 14th day, the law allows the bank to transfer the funds to you if you have previously indicated it (usually a checkbox).
These laws regulate credit. They are therefore a protection to prevent the consumer from taking out new credit without thinking. How then to obtain a loan quickly?

Want fast credit?

With a few clicks on credit sites you can perform simulations to find the credit and the rate that suits you.
If we can not save time on legal texts, it is possible to optimize the processing times of your file as much as possible.

Our advice to get your credit as quickly as possible

1 / An online response
Choose a credit site that gives you an online credit answer. It is no use going through the Internet if not to save time! Currently almost all sites offer you an online response after completing the form.

2 / Printing the contract on your own printer
Sending the contract by post to your home will take at least 2 to 3 days.
It is therefore necessary to privilege the credit sites which offer you to print the credit agreement directly online ... .
This is the major asset for quick credit. Don't run out of ink and paper cartridges as the contract can exceed 40 pages!

3 / Complete the contract without erasures!
It is obvious but any erasure or trace of erasure on the contract makes it non-compliant. The establishment receiving a canceled contract will be obliged to send you a new one and therefore this will waste time. So be very careful when filling in the boxes. For the date of signature, indicate the earliest possible date ... For example if the offer was made on January 15, 2017, date the same date (this is only possible with requests made on the Internet). It is this date which is the reference for the withdrawal period.

4 / Attach the correct documents!
To confirm the agreement you had online, the credit institution must verify your statements. It is therefore important to attach the requested documents: salary slips, receipt, bank identity statement, photocopy of identity documents and sometimes tax notice or statement of account ... Do not forget anything, and check that you send the correct documents: your January 2002 pay slip is of no real interest in 2017!
Note, some establishments offer a 100% online credit subscription. This is only possible for customers of these companies who are registered in the customer area. The waiting times are the same and you must also scan the documents ...

The establishments that we advise you for a quick credit

Remember that you can make several requests at the same time, so you will have the choice ... The fastest and the cheapest will be your preference!
Some establishments like Paydaynow offer you an immediate response and the printing of the contract on your printer ... it is potentially the fastest!

Consult our comparison of consumer loans

Establishments for quick credit
Establishments Online response in principle Printing the contract Electronic signature
FLOA bank x x (reserved for identified customers and without co-borrowers)
Carrefour Bank x x -
Paydaynow x x (reserved for identified customers)
Cofinoga x x -
Paydaychampion x x -
Sofinco x x

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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