The papers to plan to apply for a loan

What documents do I need to provide to obtain a loan?

When applying for consumer credit or personal loan, the bank must check your budget as well as your personal situation, and possibly the reality of your project. Even going through the Internet, you will have to send certain documents with your contract . Not all banks or financial institutions require the same documents, but there are some essentials.

Documents to provide

1 / The essential documents

The main documents to provide to obtain a loan are:

  • a photocopy of both sides of your ID to verify that you are the right person ...
  • the last 2 payslips (and those of your spouse if you have one) or your tax notice (if you are not an employee). This allows you to confirm the amount of your income
  • an EDF or Telecom receipt to verify your address
  • a RIB or IBAN on the bank where the withdrawals will be made.

For certain financing, the bank can also ask you for supporting documents for your project :

  • a purchase order for the car
  • an accepted quote for work
  • a purchase invoice for equipment

2 / Optional documents

It may happen that the banker asks for other documents in order to make a decision. This happens most often if he has a doubt about your file: that is to say that your declaration is incomplete or inconsistent. In this case your banker to check your situation may ask you, for example:

  • the amortization plan of a current loan to know the end date of a loan
  • your bank statements showing your receipts, but also withdrawals
  • proof of ownership
  • a handwritten certificate of residence (for people living with a private individual)
  • the act of a divorce judgment
  • your employment contract , if you have recently changed jobs ...

Can we refuse to give certain papers?

It is always possible not to give the requested papers, but in this case the credit is simply refused ! Do not forget that your banker has the obligation to check that you are solvent and that you will therefore be able to repay a new loan. You must therefore be able to justify your situation and your project .

Is a "no proof" credit worthwhile?

The banks and credit institutions that require the fewest documents are also those that offer the highest rates ... In fact, the more the bank checks your situation and your budget, the more it can select the right customers with the least risk. . Conversely, a bank that does not check credit application files will therefore accept bad customers and will have to "catch up" with higher rates. So to pay the cheapest, avoid companies that advertise "credit without proof" because they are the most expensive!

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