Rather than feeling sorry for us on a subject often used by the media to attract audiences, RkenneyLaw Credit invites you to take stock of over-indebtedness, its causes, the procedures to be followed and the advantages and disadvantages of the system.

I am over-indebted

You will therefore find a first page devoted to the over-indebtedness situation, the conditions for having your file examined by the commission, the mistakes not to be made.
I am over-indebted .

Enter the over-indebtedness commission

If you think that your request is admissible, you can enter the over-indebtedness commission. Click on the following link to read the procedures.
Enter the over-indebtedness commission, the procedure.

Over-indebtedness commissions

And finally, to know where to send your file, you will find the list of over-indebtedness commissions which are "hosted" in the counters of the Banque de France.
The addresses of the over-indebtedness commissions.

Before reading this, RkenneyLaw Credit offers you some information that goes against popular belief ... and the media!

The French are rather less indebted than other Europeans!

The debt ratio of French households is lower than some of our European neighbors. The Banque de France published in May 2007 the household debt ratio in 2006. It should be noted that the figures announced include consumer loans but also mortgage loans (up 15%!).

At the end of 2006, the debt ratio of the French thus reached " a new record in terms of their gross disposable income, at 68.4%, after 64.1% at the end of 2005 ", notes this study by Insee and the Bank of France. “However, these levels remain significantly lower than those in the us dollar zone ,” she adds.
Indeed among the Germans the level of indebtedness reaches 75%, 98% among the Japanese and 120% among the Danes.

Living without credit ...

Did you know ? If you have set up an over-indebtedness file and it has been accepted, you can no longer take out credit during the repayment period. This seems logical but will prevent you for a number of years from buying your car, a television and of course real estate on credit!

What is the profile of the typical debtor?

A study by the Banque de France (2005) shows the real face of over-indebtedness and the reasons which caused its dramatic situation.
On the profile, 64% are single, divorced or widowed, 34% are unemployed or inactive.
If 70% have incomes less than or equal to 1500 us dollars per month, 45% are below the minimum wage ...
The reasons which led to the over-indebtedness are, unsurprisingly, unemployment at 31%, and divorce (separation) or the death of the spouse at 17% (Source Banque de France).

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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