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This section brings together frequently asked questions about credit applications made on the Internet by visitors to the site.

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Can I make several credit requests at the same time on the internet? I am not at risk of over-indebtedness?
You can make multiple simultaneous requests at multiple sites. You will thus receive several offers. You have to make your choice and send only the one that suits you according to your expectations and your personal situation.
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How to cancel a credit request on the internet?
As long as you have not returned the prior credit offer, you can cancel your request over the phone ... or simply not act on it. If you have already returned your signed file, you have 7 days to cancel it. You must return the withdrawal slip that was attached to your file.
Is making a loan on the Internet more interesting than by telephone?
There is no rule, the best is to perform several credit simulations on different sites. One of the advantages of Internet credit is often the absence of application fees and the speed in obtaining credit.
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Is there a risk in completing my credit application on the Internet?
From a security point of view, there is in principle always a risk in entering personal data on the Internet (purchases, registrations, etc.). The risk is however limited because all credit sites in France have a minimum of security: the forms are generally in https which avoids a large part of fraud (presence of a small green padlock in the bar of your browser signifying a connection secure to the site).
Is there a difference in terms of the papers to be provided when applying for credit by phone or online?
The documents requested are generally always the same: the last 2 (or 3) payslips, a bank identity statement, proof of address (EDF receipt or fixed telephone), an identity document. More and more people are asked for a voided check which verifies that you are not banned from banking.
Perform a credit simulation on the Internet
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