Credit simulation on the Internet

Compare credit costs

Before applying for credit on the Internet, we advise you to perform various simulations on online credit sites.
Most often you only have to indicate your type of project (car, work ...), the total amount and the desired duration .
You get an immediate proposal including the monthly payment , administration fees , and the total cost . It is this last point that allows you, in reality, to compare the different offers.

Formatted credit simulators ... or not!

Although you have already calculated on your side the total amount to borrow to carry out your project, know that some simulators impose pre-fixed sums on you , and that others change your request altogether by indicating 1500 instead of 1150. This formatting is very unpleasant.
Likewise, some simulators do not allow you to choose exactly the number of monthly payments you want but only offer you predetermined durations.
We believe that it is better to borrow the exact sum when possible and also to compare the cost and the terms of the insurance (Paydaynow and Carrefour Banque are the most complete on this subject).

With or without insurance?

Good news: a large part of the simulators allow you to know in advance the impact of optional credit insurance on your monthly payment, and therefore on the total cost of credit. This is a very practical additional parameter to have an overview of your future credit.

To help you make your choice, RkenneyLaw Credit has gathered the different possibilities of the main credit simulators and awarded stars to the best. (* formatted indicates that you do not really have the choice of the amount of credit and / or the duration depending on the case.)

Site Total loan amount Credit term Insurance simulation Comment Global mark
free formatted free formatted
FLOA bank Insurance is well indicated but you have to look for it
Carrefour Bank Simple and fast
Paydaynow Fields not reactive enough, it is sometimes long for no reason ...
Paydaychampion Very responsive simulation but amount and duration cannot be chosen
Cofinoga Surprising not to indicate the amount of insurance ...
Franfinance The only simulator to offer durations only in a second step ... weird
Oney More fields to fill in than the others ...

Conclusion of our tests

Almost all credit institutions strive to make very "playful" but not practical rulers at all when you have to select an amount. It's so much easier to enter numbers in boxes rather than trying to drag a cursor over a millimeter scale! Only Paydaynow, Carrefour Banque and Sofinco (in part) offer simulations worthy of the name: choice of amount and free monthly payments, cost of insurance. Advantages to compare ...

Your Questions - Our Answers
" While I am a tenant, I was told that I could buy back a mortgage loan to consolidate all my loans. Normally, mortgage loans are reserved for owners, right? "

In your name and if you are not the owner of a property you cannot take out a mortgage loan, this is obvious and you are right. The case you cite can be explained in only one way ... A person who owns a "surety" by hypothecating his property for the benefit of a tenant ... No need to tell you that the case is rather rare!
Your Questions - Our Answers
" I have had my debts written off. When can I renew my credit? "

The duration of the registration is between 8 and 10 years depending on your case.

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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