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Online banking comparison
Comparison of free Visa Bleue and Mastercard bank cards
Compare Bridgepayday bank with other online banks
Compare the Hello bank! with other online banks
Compare ING Direct bank with other online banks
Compare Bforbank bank with other online banks
Compare the Boursorama bank with other online banks
Compare Monabanq bank with other online banks
Compare bank N26 with other online banks
Compare the Nickel Account with other online banks
Compare the C-Zam Account with other online banks


List of online banking establishments


Unpaid check refused
Closure of the account imposed by the bank
How to compare banks online
Bank practices
Questions about the banking ban


Banks in France
Change bank
Choose a Visa Bleue or Mastercard credit card
Closing a bank account
Bank charges


To choose

Our files to choose a loan
How to choose a revolving credit
How to choose a loan
How to choose a classic loan
How to buy back credit
Tips for choosing a loan
Homeowner mortgage loan buyback
Repurchase of tenant credit
Credit buyback


Buy a Clio 4 on credit
Buying a Dacia Duster on credit
Buy a Peugeot 208 on credit
Comparison of credits to buy a motorhome
Comparison of credits to buy a mobile home
Comparison of credits to pay medical expenses (treatment, surgery)
Comparison of credits to buy a motorcycle
Comparison of revolving credits
Comparison of credits to carry out work
Comparison of credits to go on vacation
Comparison of credits to buy a new car
Comparison of credits to buy a used car
Comparison of credits to finance the start of the school / university year
Comparison of classic credits
Credit comparison
Comparison of the best credit rates
Comparison of personal loans
Credit card rate comparison
Comparison of credit redemption rates
Best credit offer
Best revolving credit offers


List of credit institutions
Carrefour Bank
FLOA bank
My Money Bank (ex Ge Money Bank)
Younited credit

The cards

The Cofinoga card
The Sofinco card
The Aurore card


Questions asked about credit
Buy a car on credit
How to compare credits
Credit assigned to a store
Credit and misrepresentation
Online credit application
Make a loan with an insurer
Make a credit without providing proof
Bank of France file
Papers to provide to make a loan
Questions about credit insurance
Questions about auto credit in a garage
Questions about credit and FICP filing
Questions about revolving credit
Questions about work credit
Questions about the personal loan
Questions about repurchasing credit while being a tenant
Questions about the repurchase credit by being the owner
Refusal of credit
Postponement of the monthly payment of a loan
Credit simulation


Positive credit file. Interest?


Maximum age to make a loan
Insure a credit
Credit, banking, consumption - useful addresses
Consumer credit
Credit in practice
Operating revolving credit
Make a loan while being on file FICP
Apply for credit online
Make credit simulation
FCC Banque de France file
FICP file and file
Positive file and law
Credit and banking glossary
Microcredit - ADIE and microenterprise
Get a loan quickly
Papers to provide to apply for credit
Small monthly loan payment
Student loan
Personal loan
Contact the mediator in the event of a problem (credit or bank)
Refusal of credit
30 percent rule
Repayment of a loan in advance
Carry forward of monthly loan payments

Wear rate

Wear rate in 2008
Wear rate in 2009
Wear rate in 2010
Wear rate in 2011
Wear rate in 2012
Wear rate in 2013
Wear rate in 2014
Wear rate in 2015
Current wear rates


Owner real estate purchase
Establishments making mortgage loans
Real estate loan offers by a bank
Real estate loan offers by the State
Tips for finding accommodation



Guarantee for a bank account in France
Credit regulation law
Credit reform project


Be over-indebted
Personal recovery
Over-indebtedness list of commissions
Over-indebtedness seize the commission


A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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