Latest news - November 2012

22/11/2012 - Acquisition of credit
To simply lower rates, or get out of a "bad patch", consumers can decide to buy back their consumer loans. All organizations therefore offer offers to buy back credits over more or less long periods. Since May 2011 a new provision of the famous Lagarde laws may make this operation a little less interesting. Indeed, since this date, credit institutions and banks may ask you for advance balance charges on consumer loans. Before that date, the law prohibited this practice. When you buy back a loan, consider incorporating the additional cost that the banks will charge you to settle your loan. Depending on the case, this can range from 0.5% to 1%.
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16/11/2012 - Credit Demand Decline in France
According to the latest statistical delivery from the Banque de France, demand for credit from individuals is declining. The BDF interviewed all banks and financial institutions to find out the evolution of financing requests from individuals and companies. For businesses, the decline in requests continues even if it only affects 19.7% of banks. For individuals, mortgage applications are also on the decline, but with regard to consumer credit (car, equipment, cash, etc.) the Banque de France has observed a certain stability. After several months of continuous decline are we witnessing a stagnation before the recovery?
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11/8/2012 - The cost of bank cards is not going down ...
While online banks have been offering bank cards without membership fees for several years, traditional banks are not changing! For some the cost is even increasing! For the record, at Boursorama Banque, ING and Fortunéo, the annual membership fee is 0 us dollars, with no time limit ... For some banks there has been no change since 2011: monabanq. and MACIF (30 us dollars) LCL (39.96 us dollars), BNP Paribas and Societe Generale (40 us dollars) ... For other banks the cost increases ... Axa Banque goes to 34 us dollars (+ 4.94%) and Crédit Mutuel (IDF) at 35.72 us dollars (+ 2.5%). Finally we can notice the Caisse d'Epargne (IDF) which drops royally to 35.60 us dollars, a discount of 0.85% ... The French are decidedly very nice to say nothing and to stay wisely in a bank which punctures them with different costs ...
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