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including Arizona Business litigation, business formation and business contract drafting, review and enforcement. Glendale, Arizona Business Law Attorney, Mr. Raymond A. Kenney is proficient in providing counsel to business and individual clients on transactional matters. He has represented clients in the negotiation of agreements and is experienced in the preparation of corporate documents including business incorporations, employee handbooks, buyout agreements and a wide range of other documents required by Arizona businesses.
Arizona  Contract Law: Mr. Kenney drafts and reviews business contracts, and defends and enforces contracts in virtually all areas of civil law. Ray works to ensure that your goals are met and your interests are protected through the creation of valid legal contracts.
Arizona  Business Formation: The structure you choose for your business will have important implications for your risks in doing business, the extent of your liability and even how you conduct your business. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of business structure. It is important that you know all of your options before you start your business. This can best be accomplished by consulting with an experienced business attorney who can review with you the specific needs of your business.
   Sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, corporation (either Sub Chapter S or C corporations), or limited liability company; The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC will help you understand all the consequences of your business formation choice.
   Mr. Kenney drafts business formation documents, articles of organization/incorporation bylaws, partnership agreements, conducts trade name searches, and prepares a variety of other business documents.

Arizona Contract Law:
   Mr. Kenney has substantial experience in business disputes and consumer issues. He regularly represents individuals, small businesses and business professionals in commercial litigation. He is proud of the courtroom results he has achieved and would like to assist you whether you find yourself being sued, needing to sue, or trying to avoid a lawsuit.
   Arizona small businesses and individuals need access to legal advice at their convenience, whether they're setting up a new business entity, dealing with problem employees, or managing litigation or just need to determine their rights under a contract. The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC is able to provide answers to you and/or your business whatever your legal dilemma may be.
   The days of a handshake deal have unfortunately gone the way of the horse and buggy. Many of the cases handled by The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC involve one or more contracts. The principles of contract law govern many of our clients’ disputes even when the client did not realize they had entered into an enforceable agreement – a contract.
   If you own a business, are a buyer or seller of real estate are a landlord, tenant, employer, employee, or even if you just make a purchase at a store or online, you have entered into a contract. Those contracts grant you certain rights and also subject you to certain obligations. The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC is here to help sort out your rights and obligations. Stemming from his litigation background, Arizona attorney, Raymond A. Kenney, is fully equipped to assist you or your business when you need help drafting, negotiating, interpreting, or litigating a contract and to ensure your interests are protected in the event that a dispute does arise.
   Contract litigation is a significant part of The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC’s practice. Because of Mr. Kenney’s experience in handling contract litigation he is able to provide timely advice to his clients regarding contract negotiation and drafting. The time spent drafting a sound contract can pay off ten-fold later on if questions do arise as to the enforceability of the contract.
   Many clients believe that they know exactly what the terms of a contract they entered into mean, and are shocked to find out that the other party to the contract, and even the judge, disagree with their interpretation of the contract. In our experience, a contract is rarely black-and-white. Questions commonly arise over the proper interpretation of a contract, whether the terms of the contract have been breached, and a non-breaching party's remedies in the event of such a breach
   If you are about to enter into a contract Ray can assist you in drafting a contract in order to avoid the common pitfalls that usually end up being decided by a judge or jury. If you need to enforce a contract or defend against claims that you have breached a contract, The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC is prepared to help you. Contracts can be poorly-written, vague, or in some cases unenforceable. Many legal issues can be resolved quickly and in a less costly fashion if you seek the advise of an experienced attorney early in the process. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Ray to discuss your Arizona Contract Law questions now before they lead to full blown costly litigation.
   If a dispute has passed the point of amicable resolution and you or your business has been sued, or needs to sue another individual or business, you'll also find that litigation experience of Raymond A. Kenney will ably assist you throughout your litigation.

Arizona Commercial and Civil Litigation:
   The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, his legal practice provides representation in commercial and civil litigation matters, including contract disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes and franchise disputes. Mr. Kenney has achieved favorable results in cases in both state and federal courts throughout Arizona.
Arizona Business Formation and Dissolution:
   Whether you are forming or dissolving a business, getting a lawyer involved as soon as possible is usually a very good idea. It has been Mr. Kenney’s experience that those client’s who involve a lawyer at the time the corporation or partnership is formed avoid many of the problems and associated litigation costs later on when disputes arise as they invariably do between the business owners.
   If you are dissolving a corporation, Limited Liability Company or a partnership, a lawyer is essential in ensuring that your rights are protected. Disputes between soon-to-be ex-business partners can, and often do, become as nasty as do disputes arising out of a divorce. You should consider getting a lawyer involved early in the dissolution process so that a proper exit strategy can be developed, to advise you regarding the legal ramifications of any actions taken, and to be ready to litigate if the parties must resort to the courts.

Arizona Business Tort Litigation:
   In addition to contract disputes companies can become involved in other types of legal entanglements. Your company may have a cause of action against another person or company for fraud, libel or slander, unfair competition, interfering with its business relationships amongst other areas. These types of matters are serious and often include demands for punitive damages in addition to whatever actual damages can be proven.
   Regardless whether you are being accused of committing one of these torts or are a victim of someone else's wrongful actions the Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC can provide representation for you in these matters.

Wrongful Termination:
   The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC provides representation to employees, and some employers, with respect to their rights and obligations in the area of employee discharge.
   Arizona is an at-will employment state, which means that an employee can be terminated at any time, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary, for any reason or no reason at all; she or he just can't be fired for a reason which is covered by law. Generally, this means that you cannot be fired on the basis of your race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, disability, age, or status in another protected class. Arizona also prohibits an employer from firing an employee for, among other things, whistle-blowing, performing jury duty, or service in the military. Both Arizona law and federal law also prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace.
   If you believe you are the victim of employment discrimination or that you have been wrongfully discharged from your employment, you have a very short time in which to challenge your termination and a complicated set of rules to follow in order to do so. In cases of employment discrimination, you will lose your right to sue if you fail to take the necessary steps very quickly. If you believe that you have been terminated for one of the above reasons, you should contact The Law Office of Raymond A. Kenney, PLLC immediately to discuss your situation before you lose your right to sue.




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