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26/2/2018 - Online banking, the hunt for customers is on
The number of French people is increasing very slightly, but the number of online banks is on the rise… After a first online wave a long time ago: Banque Directe, Boursorama, ING… There was a wave with BforBank, Bridgepayday… It There are now neobanks like Revolut, N26, C-Zam, Hello Bank! and even the Nickel account ... Orange Bank was launched a few months ago (with both delay, and ignition problems ...) further increasing the number of hunters (banks) faced with stagnant game ( future customers!). It seems that this launch is productive because Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, announces that at the end of March, the bank will have won over 100,000 customers. It is a strong progression but similar to challengers like C-Zam (Carrefour) whose portfolio is also estimated at 100,000 accounts. Slightly slower, the British Revolut has succeeded in winning over 150,000 customers in France since its launch in 2015. Even stronger, in just one year, the N26 bank has attracted more than 200,000 customers… All these banks are targeting the French market which seems to react rather well to these new offers from banks. Even if the zero cost is often put forward, it is however necessary to compare well before committing!
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