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12/27/2017 - Bank charges ... it continues!
Every year, we write one or two articles on the rise in bank management fees ... Every year, we see readers who are indignant at the punctures made by banks: bank card, account management fees, subscription access to the online account ... and finally, the fees increase again and again, and then nothing happens ... For 2018, good news (?): the increase in bank fees will only be 0 , 25% on average! This is not a big deal because the French agree to pay an average of 194.30 us dollars in miscellaneous fees to have and use a bank account for a year. Why should this change if the French agree to pay such a sum? Well, like any good Frenchman, you have to complain, so it's easy, you complain for 2 minutes and you forget that during this time others have decided not to pay this kind of fees. In fact, to stop paying your bank card, managing your account and accessing the account on the Internet (yes, there are some who still pay it! ...) you just need to open an account in a online banking like ING, Hello Bank, Bridgepayday, BforBank. In this type of establishment, if your account works (that is to say that you pay your salary there and you make purchases with your bank card) you do not pay any fees. And so on average you save over US $ 190 per year! Calculate the savings made over 10 years already! ... And you will not be alone, because already more than 3 million French people have gone to online banking ...
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3/12/2017 - Orange Bank is finally launched ... using forceps!
After many false starts and postponements, Orange Bank was finally launched on November 2, 2017. The bank even announces that it has already opened more than 30,000 accounts, which is proof of a successful launch. Victim of its success, messages on social networks show that there were many dysfunctions in the process of opening accounts: unusable application, problems of attachments not recognized on smartphone, confirmation SMS never received, delay in sending the CB very long ... In short, for some the digital opening of their bank was a real ordeal ... The bank minimized these problems by indicating that only 1% of future customers were affected by one or more problems ... that all these start-up bugs will be resolved quickly in order to have a new major player on the market that can appear in our online banking comparisons.
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