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$ 80 offered credited for the very first opening of a simple or joint Current Account with subscription to the Full offer made between 08/07/2020 and 25/08/2020 inclusive.

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" Holder of a micro-enterprise for 2 years, my banker has always insisted that I open a professional current account. If at the beginning I agreed, I realized that the costs of this type of account were going to be at least 550 euros / year. Recently my banker told me that he was going to close my account. In my case is it compulsory to open a professional account? I would like to point out that my account is on average a credit of 18,000 us dollars. "

First, as a micro-enterprise you are not required to open a professional account. The law is very clear on this. Second, the fact of having verbally announced the closure of your account has no value. It's just bullying.

The current wear rate

validity 01/10/20 to 31/12/20

Ready for consumption
Loans ≤ $ 3000

Loans> $ 3,000 and ≤ $ 6,000

Loans> $ 6,000

Mortgage loans
Fixed rate (<10 years) 2.41%
Fixed rate (10 to 20 years) 2.52%
Fixed rate (> 20 years) 2.68%
Tx var. 2.41%
Bridge loan 3.01%

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