Comparison of Credit Repurchase Rates

RkenneyLaw Credit has audited all the sites offering credit redemption for you. You can thus compare the rates, the services and the transparency of all the sites which offer you to redeem your credits.

The rate offered is of course of primary importance, but you should also take into consideration the proposed term as well as the information that is provided online .

Far too many of these sites do not indicate the APR , nor the possible credit amounts. Even more serious: the legal notices of the site itself or of the credit are absent ...

It is surprising that the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption, and the Repression of Fraud) is not more vigilant. Do not hesitate to contact her to inform her of the wrongdoings of which you may be the victim or of the breaches of the law that you may have observed for yourself ...

Our advice : after studying the table below, see our advice page for your credit redemption.

Comparison of credit redemption rates
Society Direct /
Advertised rates
Application fees
(us dollars)
(us dollars)
Suggested duration
Legal Notice Online simulation Online response
Paydaynow Direct from 9.21% 0 <99,999 4 to 84 Yes Yes Yes
Cofinoga Direct 9.20%
1% of credit 200,000 max 12 to 300 Yes Yes no
Credit Municipal de Paris Direct 9.18%
NC 70,000 max 24 to 120 Yes Yes no
Finadea Intermediate NC NC NC NC Yes no no
Impact Finances Intermediate NC Yes NC NC no no no
Keyliance Intermediate NC Yes NC NC Yes no no
Partners Finances Intermediate NC NC NC NC Yes no no
Sofinco Direct 5.50% to 7.90% 1% of credit 100,000 max 36 to 120 Yes Yes Yes
Solutis Intermediate NC Yes NC NC NC no no
Carrefour Bank Intermediate NC NC 3000 to 100,000 36 to 120 Yes no no

Credit simulation for a credit buyback
$ 25,000 in 72 months

# Etab. Mens. Cost of credit
1 $ 382.66 $ 2551.50
For a loan of 25,000 us dollars, you reimburse 72 monthly installments of 382.66 $ (excluding insurance), for a total cost of 2551.50 $. $ 1000 administration fees. APR from 3.30%.
Make your own simulation or online application on Younited credit .
It's simple, fast, without obligation, and also suitable for mobile.
2 $ 430.44 $ 5,991.68
For a loan of 25,000 us dollars, you repay 72 monthly payments of $ 430.44 (excluding insurance), for a total cost of $ 5,991.68. No administration fees. APR from 7.60%.
Make your own simulation or request online on Paydaynow .
It's simple, fast, without obligation, and also suitable for mobile.
3 $ 465.01 $ 8015.71
For a loan of 25,000 us dollars, you reimburse 72 monthly installments of $ 465.01 (excluding insurance), for a total cost of $ 8015.71. $ 375 administration fees. APR from 9.90%.
Make your own simulation or request online on Cofinoga .
It's simple, fast, without obligation, and also suitable for mobile.
* Subject to acceptance by the lender - Update: 11/01/20

(*) The results and rankings presented on are based on a selection of financial companies based on the following criteria: the APR, the duration, the amount borrowed and the purpose of the loan. All the companies presented are recognized by the entire profession and are part of the ASF (Association Française des Sociétés Financières). The rankings made on the basis of the total cost are given for information only and do not in any way constitute a contractual commitment. We urge you to carry out a simulation in all cases before applying for credit.
(**) The rates presented (fixed APR) correspond to the applicable minimum rates and are indicative. They are likely to change after the in-depth analysis of your request

You will find below a selection of establishments offering credit redemption:

Establishments Benefits Click!
Cofinoga An immediate online response in principle for consumer loan buybacks cofinoga
Younited Credit A loan for individuals ... between individuals. Often very well positioned in terms of credit. Younited Credit
Finishes Established since 1998. Obtain a first estimate of your reduced monthly payment in real time FinaPrets


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Questions about credit redemption

" I want to take a loan but I don't want to declare my friend. Do I have to? "

The question to ask is rather why not make it appear !?… Indeed, if you make a request for credit with 2 salaries (instead of one) your file has more chance of being accepted. Moreover, when you describe your family situation, you will therefore make a false declaration with the risks that this entails.

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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