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Le site Boursorama banque Boursorama Banque, a 100% subsidiary of Société Générale, is one of the leading online banks. Initially more specialized in the stock market, it quickly became essential in the online banking landscape, in particular by offering many free services, including the bank card.

Open a current account with Boursorama bank?

The account is opened entirely online, in a few minutes: electronic signature of your contract, then digitization of your supporting documents .
You must then make a first payment to validate the opening of the account, amount of course fully recoverable and available once the account is activated.
The opening, the maintenance and the closing of an account with Boursorama bank are completely free operations.

You will receive by post your bank card, a checkbook and your access codes in order to connect securely to your online bank account.

Conditions to be fulfilled to open a Boursorama bank account

Note that certain conditions must be fulfilled to be eligible for opening a Boursorama bank account:

  • The bank card is free provided that you can prove a minimum net monthly income of $ 1,000 (or have $ 2,500 in stock) for a Visa classic card, or $ 1,800 monthly net for the Visa Premier card (or have of $ 5,000 in assets ).
    There is a so-called Welcome offer, without income conditions, with a contribution equivalent to $ 18 per year (or $ 1.5 / month), but suddenly with restricted conditions of use: no overdraft authorization, ceiling withdrawals at 200 € / 7 days, and payments at 600 € / 30 days.
  • There is, a priori, no obligation of domiciliation of income.
  • Submit the required supporting documents .

List of supporting documents to be provided:

  • A valid proof of identity . National identity card (front and back) or passport (2 pages with signature and photo of the holder) or residence permit (front and back).
  • Proof of address dated less than 6 months, with your first and last name. Mobile or landline telephone bill or bill from your internet service provider or electricity bill or gas or water bill or tax notice or council tax notice or property tax notice or insurance premiums dwelling.
  • Your proof of income if you are applying for a Visa Classic or Premier card. If you are an employee: your last two payslips. If you are self-employed: your last tax notice (first 2 pages of the notice).
  • Your RIB in your name and first name, from a bank account held in another establishment domiciled in France or in the overseas departments
  • Your handwritten signature on a white sheet.

Menu Condition

VISA CLASSIC card (immediate or deferred debit)
$ 1,000 / month
of net income ($ 2,000 / month for 2 holders) minimum
$ 2,500 outstanding
($ 5,000 for 2 holders)

(immediate or deferred debit)
$ 1,800 / month
of net income ($ 3,600 / month for 2 holders) minimum
$ 5,000 outstanding
($ 10,000 for 2 holders)

VISA Classic card
Welcome offer
(immediate debit)
€ 1.50 / month or € 18 / year
No income conditions but restricted use

The bank card at Boursorama bank?

Three types of cards are available: Visa Classic (immediate or deferred debit), Visa Premier (immediate or deferred debit) and Visa classic - Welcome Offer (immediate debit). They all allow contactless payment .
The Visa Infinite card (high-end) is also available, but for a fee of $ 300 / year.
They are accepted in most shops, online sales sites and ATMs (millions of acceptance points around the world). Boursorama Banque provides the Classic visa and the Premier visa free of charge to its customers with a current account, subject to income (see table above), which represents a significant saving in terms of bank fees!
The Premier version is accompanied by a range of advanced services ( assistance and insurance ) very practical, especially for travelers:

  • medical assistance and repatriation
  • hospitalization abroad
  • legal assistance abroad
  • extension of the beneficiary's stay
  • insurance theft and damage to rental vehicles (forget and refuse the surcharge proposed by the rental companies !!!)
  • guarantees against aircraft flight bans
  • snow and mountain insurance
  • trip cancellation / interruption insurance
  • travel accident insurance
  • civil liability abroad ...
  • return of accompanying persons
  • accommodation costs
  • support for children under 15
  • etc ... (see conditions on the site)

Boursorama bank: the advantages

  • A wide choice of cards accessible to different income levels.
  • Possibility to open an account and have a Visa classic card without proof of income. The conditions of use are however stricter in this case: withdrawals capped at $ 200 over 7 days and $ 600 over 30 days. Immediate debit and no overdraft allowed.
  • No "package" of services , often very expensive paid and unnecessary in so-called "classic" establishments. There is no surprise: almost everything is free!
  • No obligation to domiciliate his salary, only proof of income to be provided,
  • No obligation to regularly deposit money into your account,
  • Very competitive general pricing , which ranks among the best on the market.
  • Immediate increase in the limit of the bank card if necessary.
  • The possibility of supplementing then by opening a savings account , a life insurance , a passbook A , LDD , access to the stock market , or even a credit offer (personal loan or mortgage) . ..
  • Non-surcharged number (based in France) to reach an advisor, Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. / 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Opening an account directly online, very simple and fast.
  • Choice of the visual of the CB
  • Choice of the type of debit (deferred or immediate) of the CB
  • Automatic visual categorization of expenses on the online statement
  • Online check to replace traditional checks
  • Home cash delivery (billed)
  • SMS or email notifications on account status
  • Help with changing bank domiciliation
  • Mobile application available on Android, Apple Store and Windows Store

Boursorama bank: the disadvantages

  • The minimum income required to access the premium card (Visa Premier) remains in the upper range of online banks
  • Choose the type of debit of your card carefully at the outset because any subsequent change is considered as an early renewal of the credit card and charged $ 10.
  • No details on the prolonged non-use of the account or the credit card.

Boursorama Banque: visuals of the user interface

Boursorama Banque - Opérations du compte courant
Balance and history

Visual of the Boursorama Banque website interface

Boursorama Banque - Mouvements sur carte bancaire

Visual of the Boursorama Banque website interface

Boursorama Banque - Interface de virement en ligne

Visual of the Boursorama Banque website interface

Boursorama bank: available offers

  • Current account with free Visa Classic or Premier card
  • Savings booklet (no opening, deposit or closing costs)
  • Livret A (no opening, deposit or closing costs)
  • Online Life Insurance (opening of an associated current account)
  • stock Exchange
  • Sustainable Development Booklet (LDD)
  • Family insurance

Our opinion on Boursorama Banque
Boursorama bank offers advantageous pricing and ranks among the best online banks currently, with a banking service and a very complete range of services.
The conditions of access to free Visa Premier cards remain a little more stringent than in some other online establishments.
The hours to reach an advisor are very long on weekdays, but it would be good to extend them also on weekends (closing at 4.30 p.m.).

Summary of the offer at Boursorama Banque
Basic services
Account opening / closing FREE
Subscription / Account management FREE
Bank card FREE
ATM withdrawals (us dollar zone) FREE
Checkbook order (simple sending) FREE
Online transfers (in $, US dollar zone) FREE
Specimens FREE
Purchases (in $, in US dollar Zone) FREE
Delivery of checks (excluding postal costs) FREE
Call for an advisor FREE
Proposed services
CB type Visa
Mobile app YES
Minimum income to obtain free CB (Classic) 1000 $
Weekday customer service hours 8h00-22h00
Saturday customer service hours 8.45am-4.30pm
Income domiciliation obligation NO
Contactless payment (NFC) YES
Apple Pay (NFC) NO
Automatic activation of contactless NO
ATM cash withdrawal fees Outside us dollar zone 1.94%
Purchasing fees outside the us dollar zone 1.94%
Free second card contribution on joint account Not specified
Bank check FREE
Cash payment NO
SMS account status alert YES
Modification of the CB limit online YES
Online CB opposition ?
Stop a check online ?
Download operations (OXF, QIF, CSV type) NO
Editing an account statement on the Internet FREE
Customization of the credit card code NO
Demonstration site NO
3DSecure ?
Visual categorization of expenses YES
Double authentication online account access ?
Bank domiciliation change help YES
Savings book rate (gross) 0.3%
Premium Card (Premier) YES
Prestige CB card NO
Consumer credit NO
Real estate loan YES
Management / revocation of direct debit mandates ?
Additional insurance means of payment, keys, papers ... € 11.88 / year
Sending free checkbook (simple mail) YES
Authorized overdraft rate 7% / year
Unauthorized overdraft rate 16% / year
Card opposition fees (loss, theft, fraud) by the bank FREE
Advance CB renewal $ 10
Choice of CB visual FREE
Simple classic card YES
Chat with an advisor NO
Possibility of opening a savings account YES
Free paper monthly statement sending FREE
Opening of an A booklet YES
Opening of a LDD YES
stock Exchange YES
Opening a Life Insurance YES
Inactive account fees / no credit card use YES
Consult the Boursorama bank pricing brochure

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