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Originally, the Cofinoga company managed the loans granted by Le Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville (BHV). She has developed a real know-how in the opening and management of in-store credit cards. But if the Cofinoga card is tending to gradually disappear from the market, it is still accepted in various brands, such as Galeries Lafayette , Monoprix , Truffaut ... Cofinoga has also developed a direct personal loan activity, which, over time is enriched: car loan, work loan, loan repurchase.
Since September 2015, Cofinoga has become a 100% subsidiary of BNP Paribas Personal Finance . BNP Paribas Personal Finance offers credit and insurance solutions directly to individuals, through its Cofinoga brand name. In France, 3 million customers trust Cofinoga.

Online information

All the product pages (project loan, revolving credit, repurchase of credits) present the pricing concerned, but at the bottom of the page and in gray on a white background, difficult to read.

The display of durations and possible credit amounts is only visible when you run a simulation, depending on the chosen project: new vehicle, used vehicle, work, other project.

The legal notices are visible.

No online Consumer Service , but you can contact it by mail at the following address Consumer Service - Free Answer 16 004 - 33912 BORDEAUX CEDEX 9.

Navigation / ergonomics

Presence of a horizontal navigation bar giving access to the main pages of the site: reception, revolving credit, project loan, credit redemption, card.

On the home page 2 flash animations, including a promo.

The simulation on the home page uses the principle of the sliders where you have to move a cursor to choose its amount and its duration ... As for all sites that use this kind of tool, we cannot say that the ergonomics is at the rendezvous.

A rather sober and functional site .

online services

Accessible site map : a good point.

The simulation tools are accessible from the product pages (loan buyback, project loan, revolving account). It is very difficult to manipulate the ruler to select the amount and the duration of the credit ... The amounts of credits are selectable in increments of 500 us dollars, and the durations by year. It is therefore impossible to request, for example, a loan of 15,300 us dollars over 30 months!

It is possible to print the contract online for the cash reserve and the personal loan.

Online answer in principle possible.

If you are already a Cofinoga customer, you can identify yourself to have fewer fields to fill in the form.

Finally, there is an online follow-up of your credit application .

No administration fees on personal loans and permanent accounts. For credit redemptions, an application fee of 1.5% is calculated with a maximum of 1000 us dollars.

Possibility of subscribing to a repurchase of credit up to 400,000 us dollars and over a maximum period of 300 months in the form of a personal loan.

The Cofinoga site allows you to calculate your borrowing capacity. A quick module allows you, by simply indicating your income, your loans and the number of people in the household, to know the monthly payment that you would be able to repay. Please note, this calculation is only indicative ... and of course, it's up to you to see how much you can repay!


Depending on the project, the amount of possible credit is different:
- car / motorcycle loan is possible up to 50,000 us dollars
- the deco work loan can go up to 75,000 us dollars
- the loan for other projects is limited to US $ 25,000.

Our opinion on the Paydaychampion offer

A site well built in terms of ergonomics and navigability.

Credit simulators can be improved.

If the information is still present but not very visible (gray on white), Cofinoga is the only establishment to upload its tariffs online!

Online agreement in principle for project loan and revolving account requests

Pricing in the average establishments and banks and regularly Cofinoga is ranked 1st in our credit comparison.


Bank charges ... it continues!
Every year, we write one or two articles on the rise in bank management fees ... Every year, we see readers who are indignant at the punctures made by banks: bank card, account management fees, subscription access to the online account ... and finally, the fees increase again and again, and then nothing happens ... For 2018, good news (?): the increase in bank fees will only be 0 , 25% on average! This is not a big deal because the French agree to pay an average of 194.30 us dollars in miscellaneous fees to have and use a bank account for a year. Why should this change if the French agree to pay such a sum? Well, like any good Frenchman, you have to complain, so it's easy, you complain for 2 minutes and you forget that during this time others have decided not to pay this kind of fees. In fact, to stop paying your bank card, managing your account and accessing the account on the Internet (yes, there are some who still pay it! ...) you just need to open an account in a online banking like ING, Hello Bank, Bridgepayday, BforBank. In this type of establishment, if your account works (that is to say that you pay your salary there and you make purchases with your bank card) you do not pay any fees. And so on average you save over US $ 190 per year! Calculate the savings made over 10 years already! ... And you will not be alone, because already more than 3 million French people have gone to online banking ...

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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