C-Zam from the card to the bank

Le site Compte C-Zam After having created and managed the Pass card since 1981, the Société des Paiements Pass (S2P) joined the MasterCard network in 2009. The company then evolved into Carrefour Banque in 2011. The Pass card was a real commercial success since it has reached nearly 2.5 million carriers. It is the flagship product of the brand, because the other financial proposals (Carrefour free savings, insurance products, term accounts, etc.) have not had the same success, Second success of the Carrefour bank, consumer loans , with outstanding amounts exceeding US $ 3 billion, which can easily be explained with the 39.17% of Carrefour Banque's capital held by BNP Paribas Personal Finance .
Carrefour Banque therefore had the full panoply of banking services, except for the central “piece”, the current account… In 2017 , the step was taken and the C-Zam account was launched as a daily consumer product, since the package was sold directly in blister packs, in stores . It is a real competitor among new players such as Orange Bank , N26 , ING , Boursorama Banque and other online banks ...

Open a C-Zam Account

The real difference compared to other banks is that to open a C-Zam account , you have to enter a Carrefour store ! That is to say that between your frozen fries, the dish cleaner and your kilos of apples, you can buy for 5 us dollars your "account opening box" already including a bank card (to be activated). You can also order it on the Internet (Carrefour or Rue du Commerce store,) or even have it delivered to a parcel relay ...
When you get home, you download the mobile application to actually open the account: enter your contact details, scan your French identity document (passport, CNI or valid residence permit) and a supporting document (notice tax, other identity document, etc.). A code received by SMS validates his account and associates the bank card that was in the box. We therefore obtain the famous IBAN to fund the new account by transfer. It is also possible to fund the account with a bank card. Everything is done in less than 10 minutes .
Finally, a letter is sent with a confirmation code to validate your address. If you do not enter the code, the total and cumulative amount of your transactions remains limited to 500 us dollars.

I open a C-zam Account

Conditions to be fulfilled to open a C-Zam account

Note that certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to claim opening a C-zam account and the granting of a bank card:

  • be a natural person of full age , capable and domiciled in France acting for non-professional needs within the meaning of the Consumer Code,
  • provide a valid identity document issued in France (passport, national identity card, new driving license),
  • have an Android or IOS smartphone, with an Internet subscription (mobile data), an e-mail address and a mobile phone number,
  • download the C-Zam application (to open the account and scan the required documents).
There is no income requirement to claim to open a C-zam account. No minimum deposit required .

I open a C-zam Account

The bank card with the C-Zam account

The C-Zam card is an international payment card backed by the Mastercard network. It is possible to link your Carrefour loyalty account to the C-Zam card. Convenient for those who are used to shopping in the store.
Since you do not have to pay income, nor do a minimum of operations every month, you must pay a subscription to the service of 1 us dollar per month , or 12 us dollars per year, this which remains quite reasonable and competitive.
Contactless payment possible (less than $ 30 as for all establishments).
Apple Pay (for holders of an iPhone) and Carrefour Pay are also available.
The C-Zam bank card is not nominative and, upon renewal, it is also an anonymous card which is sent to you.

C-Zam account: the advantages

  • You are in total autonomy, it is you who manage all the operations : manage your alerts on the account, check your balance and your operations updated in real time, fund your account instantly, make transfers ...
  • If you forget or if you need to, you can display your bank card secret code on your phone (cost 1 us dollar),
  • You fund your account with one-off transfers or by direct debiting your income ,
  • You can view your account history and the details of each transaction,
  • You manage the beneficiaries of the transfers you want to make (friends, family, companies, etc.),
  • You can temporarily lock your bank card and activate / deactivate payments abroad or on web merchants,
  • You pay abroad in foreign currency without commission (however, withdrawing money abroad remains subject to commission).

C-Zam account: the disadvantages

  • You cannot change your confidential bank card code yourself, you have to go through customer service for this,
  • You cannot deposit cash or checks directly into your C-Zam account,
  • C-zam does not provide a checkbook,
  • If you withdraw from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in an establishment other than Carrefour or BNP Paribas, you pay a commission of $ 1 .
  • No overdraft allowed .

C-Zam account: the services available

  • Only bank account and payment card are offered. There is no possibility of opening a savings or life insurance account for example.

Our opinion on the C-Zam Account

With the C-zam account Carrefour Banque allows the opening of a bank account very easily, in a few minutes, with a simple bank card, but amply sufficient for everyday life. It should be noted that there is no overdraft possible: this can be an advantage for some who tend to let go without monitoring their budget, and a disadvantage for those who are always afraid of the unexpected and who on the contrary sometimes rely on an overdraft! Account management is very supervised and will in particular avoid paying aggios for those likely to be confronted with it.

Summary of the offer at C-zam
Basic services
Account opening / closing FREE
Opening box $ 5
Subscription / Account management 1 € / month
ATM withdrawals other than BNP Paribas or Carrefour Banque (us dollar zone) 1 € / withdrawal
Check NO
Online transfers (in $, US dollar zone) FREE
Specimens FREE
Purchases (in $, in US dollar Zone) FREE
Delivery of checks (excluding postal costs) FREE
Call for an advisor FREE
Proposed services
Bank card network
Type of bank card MasterCard
Mobile app YES
Minimum income to obtain the bank card NO
Weekday customer service hours 8:30 am-7:00pm
Saturday customer service hours 8:30 am-5:00pm
Income domiciliation obligation NO
Contactless payment (NFC) YES
Apple Pay (NFC) YES
Automatic activation of contactless (can be deactivated) YES
ATM cash withdrawal fees Outside us dollar zone 1 € / withdrawal
Purchasing fees outside the us dollar zone NO
Free second card contribution on joint account NOT AVAILABLE
Bank check NO
Cash payment NO
SMS account status alert YES
Modification of the credit card limit online YES
Online bank card opposition YES
Download operations (OXF, QIF, CSV type) NO
Editing an account statement on the Internet FREE
Customization of the credit card code NO
Bank card code reminder $ 1
Demonstration site NO
3DSecure YES
Visual categorization of expenses YES
Double authentication online account access NO
Bank domiciliation change help NO
Premium Card (Premier) NO
Consumer credit NO
Real estate loan NO
Management / revocation of direct debit mandates ?
Additional insurance shopping 18 € / year
Early renewal of bank card $ 10
Chat with an advisor NO
Possibility of opening a savings account NO
Free paper monthly statement sending NO
Opening of an A booklet NO
Opening of a LDD NO
stock Exchange NO
Opening a Life Insurance NO
Inactive account fees / non-use of bank card NO
open a C-zam account

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