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Younited credit site The "market place" credit platform!

Created in 2011, the Prêt d'Union site is almost a UFO in the galaxy of financial institutions in France. As with other online credit sites, you can apply for all types of consumer credit (with the notable exception of revolving credit) ...
The HUGE difference is that on Union Loan, it is not a bank that lends you money, it is an individual or a legal person (companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds ... .)!
This company is for the moment the only one to have been able to obtain the authorization of a credit institution providing investment services after a long journey with the services of the Banque de France. With its secure internet platform Younited Credit thus connects individuals who wish to borrow with investors who have money to invest ...
On April 18, 2016 , Union Loan is expanding internationally and therefore changes its name, becoming Younited credit .
On September 13, after several months of work, Younited Credit became the first credit organization to generalize Electronic Signature for 100% of its customers!

Online information

The possible projects are: Car, Works, Equipment, Travel, Cash, Life Events, and credit redemption

Generic information at the bottom of the page on all pages concerning the maximum and minimum durations and rates.

Legal notices on credit at the bottom of the page ...

No online customer service, and no phone number to call either.

No revolving credit because Younited finds this type of credit "opaque and dangerous".

Navigation / ergonomics

Presence of a horizontal navigation bar which gives access to the twenty pages of the site. Several pages are dedicated to the operation of the younited credit platform ... This is normal given the novelty of the system in France.

The home page is understandable and you can immediately see where you are going to click: you are either looking for credit or looking for an investment. The fact of not having specials makes it easy to find your way.

online services

There is no longer a direct simulation tool : you must provide your e-mail address to obtain a costed and detailed proposal (rate, credit term, legal notices, possible costs, etc.).

For all the products it is possible to obtain an answer online , after having made a complete request.

The contract is sent by post but you can also print it online ... Please note for a personal loan of 5000 us dollars you have to print 30 pages!

A Customer Area allows you to follow where you are in your online credit application. In addition, you receive SMS and emails at each stage of the processing of your request.

There are service charges on all the credits offered: depending on the amount and the duration, they vary between approximately 1.4% and 4.5% of the amount borrowed.


Good news for seniors wishing to make a loan : since February 2017, Younited credit now accepts borrowers up to 76 years less 1 day , instead of 70 years less a day previously. (For more information on the maximum age to make a loan ).

The application fees are quite high for small amounts of credits: for example between 70 us dollars and 95 us dollars for a loan of 5000 us dollars ... This adds almost 50% compared to the agios!

Another particularity about the application fees , they are paid when younited credit actually transfers the funds . It simply subtracts them from the total amount . That is to say that if you make a work credit of 6000 us dollars over 48 months, you will only have a transfer to your account of 5886 us dollars (114 us dollars of administration fees are subtracted) ... It is, to our knowledge, the only online credit site that practices this way.

Younited credit no longer applies an application fee for a loan application over $ 6,000.

The electronic signature makes it possible to complete a complete file in 10 minutes. It's simple, fast and secure. We do it from home, without a banker, with his computer or directly on his smartphone, without printer or scanner. Security : supported by an approved partner, only Younited Credit can access supporting documents (unlike documents sent by post, which can get lost…).

Younited Credit customer service is located in France .

Our opinion on the younited credit offer
The Younited credit site is practical and truly "up to par" with "big guys " like Sofinco or Paydaynow .
It's a shame that the Younited credit site no longer offers a direct online simulation tool, whereas all the other credit players do.
The site does not offer a promotion because it is not in the logic of this company.
The payment of administrative fees as a deduction from paid-up capital should really be improved.

About younited credit

Younited credit is a public limited company with a management board and supervisory board founded in October 2009 and whose registered office is in Paris (2 bis rue Louis Armand, CS 71602, 75724 PARIS CEDEX 15). Younited credit is the one and only credit institution "between individuals" approved by the Prudential Control Authority (ACP).
The main shareholders of younited credit are its founders and employees (36%), Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (38%), Weber Investissements (6%), Kima Venture, the Xavier Niel and Jérémie Berrebi fund (4%), AG2R La Mondiale (3%) and business angels (13%).
Union loan expanding internationally changed its name on April 18, 2016 and is now called younited credit.



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A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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