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6/29/2017 - Even more online banks!
On the occasion of the arrival of new banking players, Orange Bank and Carrefour Banque, it is worth recalling the ranking of online banks according to the number of customers. ING and Boursorama Banque are still the two leading online banks in France with 1 million customers for each of them. For ING this also counts the customers of the savings account, and for Boursorama the users of stock exchange services. In third position is Bridgepayday, which at the start of 2017 had more than 360,000 customers, some of whom were investors. Monabanq now claims 310,000 customers, which is rather a good progression for a player whose advertising budgets are not substantial. Hello bank !, the latest arrival (in 2013), succeeded in convincing 300,000 French people to open an account online ... (but 2.5 million in total in Europe!). With 2 new players on the market (C-Zam and soon Orange bank) we can assume that the cards will be redistributed and that in 3 or 4 years the ranking will be further modified!
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Open a Hello bank online account
1/6/2017 - The car market on the rise in May 2017: 191,419 registrations
Registrations in France increased by 8.9% last month compared to May 2016, according to figures published by the CCFA (Committee of French Manufacturers of Automobiles). Overall, over the first 5 months of the year, the increase is + 3.3% (compared to 2016). However, French groups are progressing less (+ 8%) than foreign groups (+ 9.9%). The PSA group underperformed at only + 4.3%, while Renault reached 12.5%! The Renault Clio IV is still the sales leader with 5.5% of sales in May. Then followed 3 Peugeot models: the 208 then the 2008 and finally the 308 II. Citroën places its first model in 5th position with the C3 III. For the rest of the ranking, we follow the Peugeot 3008 II, the Renault Captur, the Dacia Sandero, the Renault Mégane IV and finally the Citroën C4 II Picasso in 10th position.
New car comparison
The Clio on credit

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