A Hudson Valley Boy Scout camp rescued, one sold, amid bankruptcy worries


Amid bankruptcy concerns, the Boy Scouts of America Greater Hudson Valley Council announced it would sell one of its popular camps, although another has been put on hold and taken off the market.

In Rockland County, the council announced that it had decided to sell Camp Nooteeming in Stony Point to “ensure that Boy Scouting in the Hudson Valley grows and has a sustainable, bright future.”

Over the summer, the council warned the city that three lots would be offered for sale, including 313-acre Camp Bullowa in Stony Point, which has had a tumultuous history in the Hudson Valley spanning several generations since it was purchased in the 1940s. .

“Selling Camp Nooteeming was a tough decision, but ultimately the board of directors agreed that selling Camp Nooteeming was the best way to get out of bankruptcy without incurring onerous debt,” they announced.

The Bankruptcy Taskforce has spent months analyzing multiple scenarios in order to raise the funds needed to pay off the council’s multi-million dollar commitment to the Victims Compensation Trust.

Ultimately, it was decided that selling Camp Nooteeming and not Camp Bullowa or the Durland Scout Reserve in the Putnam Valley was the most prudent decision.

“The collected market information as well as the analysis of past budgets, foundation reports and future expenditures prompted the insolvency task force to recommend the plan approved today.”

In response, the council issued a statement stating: “(You) understand that many families will mourn the sale of Camp Nooteeming; it has been part of our scout community for over 90 years.

“The legacy of what Camp Nooteeming stood for continues as we move forward and expand Scouting in our areas,” officials said. “The Greater Hudson Valley Council staff and board of directors are committed to helping the traditional Boy Scout programs hosted at Camp Nooteeming find a new place to call home.”

Rockland County Executive Ed Day praised the council’s decision to detain Camp Bullowa, calling it a “victory” for the region.

“This decision by the Greater Hudson Valley Council is a victory for the Rockland Boy Scout Program and the other organizations that regularly use Camp Bullowa,” he told future generations and will continue to support the work of the Greater Hudson Valley Council in Rockland County. “

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