Attorney General Ashley Moody shares tips on how to avoid phantom debt collection fraud


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – In her latest video on Scams at a Glance, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody shared tips on avoiding phantom debt collection agencies. Phantom debts are debts that do not exist or have already been paid off in full.

Moody said that phantom debt scammers often pose as legitimate creditors or corporate agents trying to collect valid debts. Phantom debt scammers are calling targets asking for money that is still owed and must be paid immediately.

Moody said in the press release, “Floriders who pay off debts or may never have owed may still face ruthless scammers trying to steal money or obtain financial information through phantom debt systems. To make sure you don’t fall victim to a phantom debt system, learn the facts by checking out my latest Scams at a Glance resources. ”

Moody gave the following tips to avoid fraud:

  • Avoid disclosing financial or personal information to unknown people;
  • Request a letter of confirmation from the debt collection agency containing the name, address, current creditor and the amount of the claim owed;
  • Submit a written request for the original creditor’s information and evidence of the claim to confirm its validity; and
  • Do you know that debt collection agencies are required by law to send written confirmation within five days of being contacted.

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