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Bhanu P. Lohumi

Tribune news service

Shimla, October 5th

The Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education has introduced a chapter on narcotics and their harmful effects in the Class X Hindi subject.

The chapter “Madak Padharth: Chunotiyan aur Hum (Narcotics: Challenges and Us), The Narcotic, Its Negative Effects, Reasons, Student Awareness and Role, NDPS Act and Legal Punishment, and State Government Efforts to Contain” outlining the drug threat was introduced in Class X this year, said Akshey Sood, secretary to the board.

Approximately 38.3 percent of the world’s people use drugs one way or another, and 3.30 billion people die each year as a result of drug use. In Himachal, too, the growing number of addicts is a cause for concern. The lesson also includes data from the National Crime Records Bureau, which states that seven million people in India are under the influence of drugs.

“A negative atmosphere, poor circle of friends, drug use adverts in movies and commercials, poor student results, ignorance and family arguments are some of the reasons for substance abuse. The idea behind introducing the chapter is to make students aware of the negative effects of drugs that affect the health, family and finances of the user and their social and physiological effects, ”he said.

Last year, a Khuli Chithi (Open Letter) chapter was added to the Class VIII curriculum, in which an older brother speaks about adolescent changes, negative impact, and the likelihood of being attracted to narcotics and brands to an emotional appeal his younger brother who lives in a hostel to stay away from drugs.

“Raising student awareness of substance abuse is very important in addressing this growing threat, which has become a nationwide problem,” said Chief Executive Officer Suresh Kumar Soni.

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