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Communist Party members take to the streets in New York City October 2020 Courtesy of CPUSA

NEW YORK – A moratorium on evictions or foreclosures, millions of new green jobs through immediate infrastructure building, student debt eradication, compensation for historical and ongoing racism, a $ 15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, and new taxes for the rich. All of that and more is contained in a new Emergency Relief Program just launched by the Communist Party of the United States.

By the time Congress is ready to finalize the $ 1.9 trillion package of President Joe Biden’s US rescue plan, the Communist Party has produced its own detailed pandemic economic plan. The party is in favor of passing the Biden Act but looks beyond with a list of reforms that go further to address the plight of tens of millions of people in the US

“The pandemic and the crisis … have shown that the status quo is not sustainable,” says the party in the program. It is argued that bold and transformative action is required to “meet the emergency needs of workers, especially frontline workers and the suddenly unemployed”.

In a continuation of the “extraordinary election campaign” last year, the Communists put together a program that addresses the demands of a wide range of progressive coalitions, unions and lawmakers – including the Campaign of the Poor, the AFL-CIO, and the Progressive Congress Caucus.

The chairman of the CPUSA Political Action Commission, Joelle Fishman, announced the start of the program Folk world that it takes nothing less than “an insurrection for a just recovery” to really gain what is needed – a “large-scale government response”. She said it was time for workers and activists to “join your union, civil rights and community organizations” to force Washington to act.

On the agenda is an immediate and extended moratorium on all evictions and foreclosures with rent and mortgage relief for those who have lost their jobs or were unable to work due to the pandemic.

The mass unemployment crisis should be addressed with the declaration of a “climate crisis emergency” coupled with billions of dollars allocated to rebuild sustainable infrastructure that includes “clean water, affordable housing, transit, internet access and social services … including childcare. “

After over half a million deaths from COVID-19, CPUSA is increasing demand for Medicare for All as the first step toward a national public health system that includes all people, regardless of conditions, financial resources, or immigration status.

The racial differences that have characterized the coronavirus health plague and economic depression are another focus of the communist program. Compensatory measures to end systemic racism and the declaration that racism is itself a public health crisis are proposed as the first means of addressing a crisis affecting “low wage, black, latinx, indigenous people, Asia-Pacific people and women “Has hit the hardest.

While Congress debates how much student loan debt could be forgiven, the CPUSA argues for teenagers to cut everything and provide free higher education. And in order to maintain employment and social services, the communists advocate “increased aid to states and communities”, according to Fishman.

As for the question of how to pay for everything? The party is proposing a new set of budget priorities for the country that divert money from the military budget towards public spending based on human needs. Closing the gaps, eliminating the corruption that allowed aid money to go to big corporations that don’t suffer financially, and raising taxes on the rich and big corporations to 1960s levels round out the agenda.

The Communist Party’s program targets the “corporate and white supremacist forces” in Congress who are trying to stifle the allocation of resources needed to get the country out of the economic and health crisis.

Fishman specifically drew attention to the Senate secret rules that have thwarted attempts to pass not only the economic aid package but also the voting rights enhancements and equality law, and threaten workers’ priorities like the PRO law, which would make it easier to join one Union.

“It is unacceptable,” said Fishman, “for the minority in the US Senate to obstruct everything,” referring to the Republicans and moderate Democrats who have held up the move. “The US Senate filibuster and other rules with white supremacist roots must be turned upside down.”

But not only Republicans or coronaviruses are responsible for the crisis, say the communists. The party’s plan states that “greed, racism and war are built into the capitalist system” – a reality only exacerbated by COVID-19 and the uneven economic recovery.

However, the Communist Party sees the present as a time when progress can be made in a “common struggle for people and planets for profit”. For Fishman and the CP’s Political Action Commission, the message is: “Call, text, rally, march.”

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