Daughter Paying Off Loans Mother Took Out For Education: How Important It Is To Recognize Mutual Efforts


Children are often not aware of how hard their parents strive to give them a life worth living. Yes, it is not an exceptional phenomenon because they gave birth to the child in question. Concern for our needs rests on their shoulders. At least up to a certain age. But what we don’t even see as adults is that parents sometimes bite off more than they can afford to make sure we are capable individuals. Providing food, shelter, education, and comfort to a child is one thing. Offering you these necessities despite a lack of resources is love and sacrifice that defies measurement.

Backing this up, a Twitter user recently shared an encouraging story of how she managed to pay off all the loans her mother took out for her education Kavindya Thennakoon, from Stanford University, wrote: “Amma had to take out a ton of loans to get me through school and survive. 12 years later, last night, I paid off everything. For the first time in our lives we are debt free … Resilient women who fought alone and fiercely. ”Thennakoon’s story went viral and many applauded both women for their respective efforts.

See her post below:

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The need to cherish single mothers

In India, a single mother raising a girl still manages to raise her eyebrows. The associated stigma runs deep on many levels. First, that a woman thinks she is capable and resilient enough to face the opportunities of life without a man. And secondly, she sends a young lady who is a reflection of herself on the path of a successful apprenticeship. What else can one expect when the entire concept of single parents – regardless of gender – is still largely taboo?

Every type of family constellation – a typical heterogeneous father-mother couple, same-sex parents, unmarried parents – the responsibility for the offspring is high and valued. But maybe the process of parenting goes one step higher when it comes to a single parent – and a mother at that. Because the efforts to raise a child come from a single source. Despite the barriers of their gender, despite the lewd talk that surrounds them.

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Children and Parents: A Relationship of Mutual Effort

In such situations, as the child grows up, they can become one of the parents’ strongest supports. As Thennakoon’s story has shown, the internet, parent-child relationship, and woman-to-woman bonding transcend economics. This is not meant to glorify unaffordable education, because education is a birthright. But what drives a child to free his parents from difficulties at old age is pure, perfect, unconditional love.

It may not always be possible to price our parents’ upbringing or to repay them in cash for everything they spent to do our best. Because love, as they say, is priceless. Can there ever be devices for measuring? Maybe not. We can then reward them by letting them know that their victims have not been ignored. That we are grateful to them. That we stand behind them as strongly as they stand behind us in life.

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