Daughters of the American Revolution remember those who have a past


HELENA – Each Memorial Day weekend, the Oro Fino chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution places 135 American flags in 19 cemeteries.

Rain or shine, the members have come out to place these American flags on the gravestones of their fallen sisters.

For Jane Hammon, membership in the organization honors her family history and country. “I was inspired to join the DAR because, when I was a little girl, my grandmother told me stories where we had patriots who were involved in the American Revolution,” she said.


To join the DAR, a member must prove that their grandfather served as a patriot in the American Revolutionary War.

The organization also prides itself on civil service and civic leadership. Past members like Helen Mcintire helped make Helena a better place.

“Helen and Henry were known in Helena circles for their active attorney roles in the city and their active service with numerous charities, including St. Peter’s Cathedral and St. Peter’s Hospital,” said Hammon.

Betty Babcock was also a member of the organization and a former First Lady of Montana. Hammon, who knew Babcock personally, said they both shared the value of joining DAR.
“Loved the DAR because you support patriotism, our soldiers and the upbringing of our children, and those are the things that make a wonderful society,” said Hammon.

Every Memorial Day weekend, the Oro Fino Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution places 135 American flags in 19 cemeteries.


On most headstones, members can add a spinning wheel to represent the organization’s logo. The thirteen spokes look like stars and represent the 13 colonies. The spinning wheel also has a deep meaning.

“One of the most important contributions women could make was spinning and making goods and clothing because the more they made, the less they imported from Britain, which meant they were damaging Britain’s economy while adding to the war effort in time “said Hammon.

To learn more about the organization, visit their website.


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