David Sirota says Biden has a “long, 40-year love affair” with student loan debt


David Sirota, founder of the Daily Poster, says so President BidenJoe BidenPaul Ryan: Voters will not be impressed by the “yes men and flatterers flocking to Mar-a-Lago”. The secret service told the White House they had untested evidence of the origin of the coronavirus: Milley report says the US is planning a possible evacuation of Afghan translators from the region MORE has a “long, 40-year love affair” with student debt.

Sirota joined Hill Hill’s “Rising” on Friday to discuss why Biden opposes eliminating student loan debt of up to $ 50,000 per borrower, as many progressives have called for.

Biden said during a CNN city hall earlier this month that he was okay to give away $ 10,000 per borrower.

“Joe Biden and student debt are a long, 40-year love affair between Joe Biden and the student debt institution,” said Sirota. “Joe Biden isn’t a particularly ideological politician, but one thing he absolutely believes in 100 percent is the establishment of student debt.”

Sirota noted that Biden previously advocated making it more difficult for people to reduce or get rid of their student loan debt, especially before a bankruptcy court.

“If Joe Biden is essentially positioning himself against the other Democrats, this is not a change of mind, this is not a casual campaign, he believes deeply. He is a firm believer in preserving the institution of student debt,” Sirota said.

See part of Sirota’s interview above.


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