Early voting for the New York primaries is ongoing


Reed English of Wynantakill is among the first voters to vote early in this year’s Rensselaer County primary. He chose to vote at the Holy Cross Armenian Church – the newest early polling station in Troy.

“Some politicians tracked me down and said, Hey, early vote. I said oh okay Sure, ”he said.

The Rensselaer district electoral board has been criticized in the past two years for its first two polling stations, none of which offer easy access for downtown voters. One is in Brunswick and the other is in Castleton.

The Armenian Church is closer, but still not close enough for many.

NewsChannel 13 spoke to the Troy Chapter NAACP earlier this week about the county’s continued efforts to make it harder for people of color to vote.

“The fight against voter suppression is very important to ensure that people have the right to have a say in how their lives are governed,” said Renee Powell of the NAACP.

Thirteen people came through the door in the first two hours that the polling station was open.

Survey staff who say a local area code is only limited to Democratic and Working Family Parties may not be the best indicator of how this site will perform.

Voters said Saturday that exercising the right to vote is a must no matter what is on the ballot.

“I was free today. I knew it was available so I just did it, ”said voter Amy Ritrovato.

The opening times vary depending on the location.

Before you vote, check with your local electoral board to find out where and when to put in an area code.

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