Erika Jayne sued for $ 25 million in Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy proceedings


Erika Jayne owes $ 25 million to her estranged husband’s law firm, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Aug. 26 and filed by E! News.

The trustee behind Girardi Keese’s bankruptcy proceedings sued the Real housewives from Beverly Hills star, 50, for more than $ 25.5 million plus interest after Erika allegedly paid solid funds for her “extravagant lifestyle.”

“The glam cannot be supported by a bill,” Trustee Elissa Miller it says in the first amended complaint.

Erika, along with her companies EJ Global and Pretty Mess, is said to have received jewelry and other luxury items with funds from. were bought Tom GirardiGirardi Keese’s company.

“Erika has taken the ridiculous position that since she was not making payments directly from the [firm] it is not liable “, it says in the lawsuit.

It goes on to say: “She tries to make a difference between handing over her money directly and paying all her bills directly. The distinction, like your previous request for re-examination, is unfounded. All payments in your favor are your responsibility. “

According to the lawsuit, her American Express card was charged $ 14 million and an additional $ 11 million was paid to grocery vendors.

Real housewives of Beverly Hills through the years

The lawsuit stated that they were not “legitimate” lawyer payments, but were “the only benefit” of Erika’s “massive expenses” for her glamor group, travel, clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry and other “generous expenses”.

Although Erika claims “she didn’t know her husband was in debt,” the trustee says, “it would be a miscarriage of justice” if the reality star were to “just run around free” while owing more than $ 25 million Estate, so the file.

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“Erika signed all of her tax returns, signed numerous credit card statements, and knew exactly how much money she was spending on the debtor’s credit cards and that the debtor was paying for her personal expenses,” argues Miller. “Your feigned willful blindness and Strauss approach to these expenses will do absolutely nothing to limit your liability.”

The trustee hopes the lawsuit will provide “a moment for Erika to come to Jesus”, according to her attorney Ron Richards to E! News.

“We hope that Ms. Girardi will come down the mountain from a privileged and obscene wealth and reimburse some of these expenses so that the former clients and creditors of this law firm can mitigate the terrible and unfair losses that her husband and others have committed,” said he partially, adding that “some efforts to do the right thing would go a long way in backing up their public claim that victims should come first.”

Erikas is now a lawyer Evan Borges claims that “no one has been deceived” and “nothing inappropriate has been done,” he said in a statement to E! news.

“The fact that the trustee continues to try to assert claims from transactions that were barred 12 years ago is an example of the excessive demands and willingness to violate and hurt Erika despite the law.” he said. “Erika will be defending the case and we will seek sanctions and all appropriate legal remedies for claims made in bad faith and illegitimate.”

Borges added that the trustee and her legal team “come to conclusions without a full investigation” and “harass and hold Erika responsible for actions by Girardi Keese for which Erika has no legal liability”.

A trustee in the case in June filed an application in court to try to “uncover the whereabouts of potential property assets,” alleging Erika borrowed $ 20 million from Tom’s company.

The couple that shared in 2020 after 21 years were together too sued in December. Tom, 82, was accused of misappropriating money from a plane crash settlement fund to pay for her “indulgent Beverly Hills lifestyle.” The filing also claimed that their divorce was “simply a sham attempt to fraudulently protect Tom and Erika’s money from those trying to collect the debts of Tom and his law firm.”

Tom was officially disfellowshipped by a California judge on August 20, documents were filed with the Central District of California and approved by E! News shown.

Corresponding Reports, a hearing in the event of embezzlement is scheduled for mid-September. Erika and Tom’s reruns haven’t reported back E! News’ Request for comment at the time of the lawsuit in December and have not commented publicly on it.

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