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Natlan in the preview trailer / photo courtesy of miHoYo

Natlan is one of the seven nations in Genshin Impact and an emerging region that has yet to be added to the game. Not much is known about this mysterious land, but miHoYo has left players with some clues as to what to expect in Natlan.

Everything you need to know about the burgeoning nation of Pyro is here.

Just as Moon City is the Anemo-Nation and Liyue is the Geo-Nation, Natlan is the Pyro-Nation who worships the Pyro Archon Murata.

miHoYo revealed very little about Natlan in-game, and our only knowledge of it came from the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail trailer. In it, Dainsleif narrates a preview of the upcoming journeys that await travelers as they venture through the seven nations. The traveler will arrive in Natlan in Act V: Glowing Ode of Resurrection.

“The rules of war are woven in the womb: the winners should burn brightly, while the losers should be ashes,” says Dainsleif on the subject of Natlan. “If the god of war shares this secret with the traveler, it is because it has reasons.”

There’s also a preview of a key character in the Natlan chapter, a young girl named Iansan. Their design suggests that Natlan is inspired by the aesthetic of indigenous America.

Genshin Impact Iansan, Natlan preview

Iansan / Courtesy photo by miHoYo

Act V is still well into the future of Genshin Impact, and there is no telling when it will finally be added. Based on what we know so far, we can speculate that the Natlan chapter will be a heated tale of war and competition.

In the meantime, players can look forward to the electro nation Inazuma being released in just a few days and the new Inazuman characters coming into play. miHoYo clearly has a lot in store for us to prepare for a long and exhilarating ride.

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