Fishstick dies another brutal death in the war between IO and Seven


Epic Games has introduced several interesting characters to Fortnite through the game’s lore. However, there was hardly anyone more interesting than Fishstick. The popular fish character came from an unknown reality and somehow managed to escape the loop. But he died during a mission alongside Batman in Batman: Zero Point Issue 4.

Obviously Fishstick’s death in the DC comic was unfortunate. He was an extremely popular character, and his passing angered many players. However, if this was difficult for players, it was even more brutal when Epic Games killed off the character for the second time in their Marvel Comics collaboration.

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In the latest issue #1 of Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War, Fishstick dies again. Unlike his first death, this one is far more horrific as a shrapnel pierces his intestines and he bleeds to death during the war between IO and The Seven. Obviously, Fishstick’s luck in the metaverse is far worse than Peely’s.

Fishstick in Fortnite may be the unluckiest character of all time

Back in Chapter 2 Season 6, Batman and some renegade bandits managed to escape the Loop. Eternal Voyager, Bandolette, Magnus and Fishstick were some of the characters that made it out of Loop. Though Batman and others managed to break free, the fight still followed them. Unfortunately, the Gotham City vigilante couldn’t save Fishstick from dying in this fight.

Even though Fishstick had died, Epic Games brought back a snap of him. Pirate Fishstick debuted in the first issue of the Marvel Zero War comic and was a creation of Loop. He fought for the resistance in their war against the Imaginary Order. Unfortunately, although The Resistance emerged victorious, Pirate Fishstick could not stay alive to see the peace.

The latest installment of Marvel Zero War comics features the death of the Pirate Fishstick snap. 8-Ball vs. Scratch saw the beloved character lying in the rubble with shrapnel in him. 8-Ball was devastated to see Fishstick die, but the Foundation told him it was just a snapshot. This calmed 8-Ball for a moment before the Foundation told him the real Fishstick had died long ago.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 comes with a free Spider-Man skin

The latest installment of the Marvel Zero War comic may be the bearer of sad tidings, but it also brings a surprise. If players were upset when they heard about Fishstick’s second death in Fortnite, they could cheer themselves up with a free Spider-Man skin that comes with the comic.

Everyone who buys the comic will get a code for the Spider-Man Zero skin. The brand new exclusive Marvel skin will not appear in the item shop or in any future Battle Pass. The Zero War comics are the only way players can get these exclusive skins.

The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War is a four-part comic series. Fans already know that the first issue includes an exclusive Spider-Man skin. That means the three upcoming issues may also feature exclusive Marvel cosmetics.

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