Giuliani was reluctant to allow prosecutors to review the 26-year-old data



NEW YORK (AP) – Rudy Giuliani’s lawyers forced a much closer look at his seized electronic equipment after complaining that prosecutors searching for evidence of a crime were presenting information from his early days as New York City mayor 26 years would see court papers show released Tuesday.

In late August, attorneys complained to a federal judge in Manhattan that devices seized in late April raids on ex-President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney contained at least 26 years of data from February 24, 1995 through the middle of that year stretched. Giuliani was Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001.

The lawyers said the review of the data on the devices should be limited to the period specified in search warrants to see information about Giuliani’s interactions with Ukrainian figures if he has violated a lobbying law on behalf of foreign countries or corporations.

The papers restricting data searches were unsealed on Tuesday by order of a judge who concluded that they were documents to which the public had a right.

Giuliani’s lawyers said that “for the merit of the government”, prosecutors eventually agreed not to have to see documents and other materials prepared before 2018.

Giuliani’s lawyers said the data prosecutor may include his interaction with Ukrainian people. then Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch and the US Ambassador’s Office to Ukraine; Giuliani’s trip to Poland 2019 and topics related to the US financial company Franklin Templeton.

Two weeks ago Manhattan Judge J. Paul Oetken ordered an ongoing review exclude from the eyes of the prosecutor All materials protected by privileges such as legal privilege are limited to documents dated on or after January 1, 2018.

The materials are on 18 electronic devices confiscated from Giuliani’s residence and company, Giuliani Partners LLC. Some of the devices belong to the firm’s staff.

Giuliani, a former presidential candidate, has not been charged with a crime. He said his activities in Ukraine were carried out on behalf of Trump. At the time, Giuliani was leading a campaign to press Ukraine into an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter before Biden was elected president.

The privilege review is being conducted by a former Manhattan federal judge whom Oetken entrusted with the task at the request of the prosecutor. A similar review came after raids on Michael Cohen, who served as Trump’s personal attorney prior to his 2018 arrest.

He eventually pleaded guilty to several charges, including campaign finance crimes, Congress lies, and tax evasion, and was sentenced to three years in prison. After serving behind bars for about a year, he was released into home arrest following the coronavirus outbreak.



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