Goku missed Gohan’s birth (not just Gotens)


Goku is known to have missed Goten’s birth, but he may also have missed Gohan’s birth for reasons unknown or due to cultural factors.

Fans of the Dragon ball Franchise knows that Goku missed Goten’s birth, but it turns out he missed Goten’s birth too Gohan. However, it was also used in Dragonball Super that this could well be a peculiar family characteristic and not just negligence. Goku is a great warrior, but his knowledge of the world only goes so far.

The Cell Games saga caused one of Goku’s many deaths. He sacrificed himself during the tournament and returned after seven years. That meant he missed his son, Goten’s birth – especially since he didn’t even know Chi-Chi was pregnant. After all these years, he finally met Goths. An easy to miss conversation in Dragonball Super reveals that he also missed Gohan’s birth, though there doesn’t seem to be an official reason so far.


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Dragonball Super Chapter 30: The Man Called Jiren shows the birth of Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter Bulla. Vegeta declined to participate in the Zeno tournament because he wanted to be there when the baby was born. Whis then uses his magical abilities to free Bulla early and transport her out of Bulma’s womb. This negates Vegeta’s stated apology, but a comment from Goku reveals that he actually doesn’t know how children are born.

Goku says: “Impressive! I’ve never seen a baby born before! That’s how Chichi did it“While this comment may seem pretty normal to Goku – who often has no clue about some aspects of the world – it has a deeper meaning. As far as fans know, Goku wasn’t dead for Gohan’s birth. The manga was skipped, Gohan shows , when he was a little older. He was to be born a year after Goku and Chi-Chi married, which took place after the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament ended. Since those moments were not fully shown and Goku was presumably alive, they went Fans likely assume that Goku would have been fully present at Gohan’s birth. He has no excuse not to be. However, it looks like he wasn’t (or if he was), he was outside of the room it happened in and was brought in after birth – without knowing how children are actually born.

It is entirely possible that Goku might not have been present if Dragon ball adheres to some aspects of Japanese culture. Some hospitals do not allow fathers to enter the room with expectant mothers, while others do. Sometimes fathers are offered courses that introduce them to their role during the birthing process and oblige them to stay close to the mother’s head – no less. There is no guarantee that a father will be present in the room, although he may be in a waiting room nearby. On that basis, it definitely seems likely that this could have been the case with Goku. However, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Bardock, father of GokuShe reveals that Goku’s dad also missed his birth because he was away to exercise. It is then also possible that Goku could have been just like his father and was gone briefly when Gohan born and carries on a family tradition he is not even aware of. Regardless of why Goku wasn’t present at Gohan’s or Goten’s births, this Super Saiyan has no idea how children are born, despite having two of his own.

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