How to heal the seven forces with Med Mist in a battle location in Fortnite


One of the Week 5 seasonal quests assigns players the goal of healing the forces of the Seven with Med Mist at a battle location in Fourteen days. This jerk from a Fourteen days The challenge has many moving parts, leaving many players looking for answers. With that said, let’s talk about how to use Med Mist to heal the seven forces in a battle location Fourteen days.

Fortnite Battle Locations Explained

Fourteen days Battle locations consist of points of interest (POIs) on the island, located in the midst of battles between Imagined Order (IO) and The Resistance. When a battle location is active, its name will appear in red on the map with an icon of two crossed swords in the shape of an X above it.

Former battlefields now peacefully under the control of the seven include The Daily Bugle and Condo Canyon.

Right now, Coney Crossroads is an active battle zone between the IO and the Resistance. This is a battle location where you will find the forces of the seven in action. In the coming weeks, Rocky Reels and Fourteen days Tilted towers become battlefields.

Fortnite The Seven Forces Explained


The Seven Forces are The Resistance troops who engage in ground warfare with IO Guards at Battle Locations. Visit a live battle site and you will encounter the Seven Forces waging war against the IO Guards occupying the POI.

  • Liberating a battlefield with the Seven Forces will pave the way to funding another Fortnite armored battle bus.

Fortnite Med Mist Explained


Med Mist is an uncommon consumable that provides healing properties. Med Mist can be sprayed on yourself or applied to other players. Med Mist heals five health per tick with 150 potential health in each canister.

Med Mist is available through chests, floor loot, and supply drops.

How to heal the seven forces with Med Mist in a battle location in Fortnite


Of course, in order to start this week 5 seasonal quest, you’ll need to get your hands on some Med Mist. There is no guaranteed source of Med Mist, but since it is of Uncommon rarity, Med Mist shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain.

Search chests and floor loot until you find a canister of Med Mist. Alternatively, you can go straight to the live battle location and look for Med Mist under the fallen loot. Battle locations often have loot scattered all over the floor as a result of the clash, so there’s a good chance you’ll find Med Mist lying around amidst the leftover loot.

With Med Mist in hand, step foot into the conflict at a Fourteen days place of slaughter. At the moment, Coney Crossroads is the active battle location. You can tell which battle location is active by the red text and X on the map.

At a battle location, you will witness the forces of the Seven engage in combat with IO guards. Keep an eye out for the forces of the seven that are weak and have taken damage. Approach a member of the Forces of the Seven with your Med Mist and hold down the aim button to spray them with healing mist.

Offer medical assistance to at least one member of the Forces of the Seven to complete the quest and earn 20,000 XP for you Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass and Season Level.

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