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DUBAI: The Governing Council of the IPL had issued a tender (ITT) to acquire the right to own and operate two new franchises. As part of the tendering process, various interested parties submitted their offers for the new franchises.

The bids were made on Monday by the representatives of the interested parties in Dubai. BCCI announced the following successful bidders (subject to final documentation and other formalities): RPSG Ventures Ltd. – Lucknow (for INR 7,090 crores) and Irelia Company Pte Ltd (CVC Capital Partners) – Ahmedabad (for INR 5,625 crores).

The new franchises will participate in the IPL from the 2022 season, provided that the bidders fulfill the formalities specified in the ITT document after submitting the bid. The IPL 2022 season includes ten teams and will have 74 games, with each team playing seven home and seven away games.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said: “BCCI is delighted to welcome two new teams from the next season of the Indian Premier League. I would like to congratulate RPSG Ventures Ltd and Irelia Company Pte Ltd on their successful bidders in two new cities in India, namely Lucknow and Ahmedabad. It’s encouraging to see two new teams added to such a high rating, and it underscores the cricket and financial power of our cricket ecosystem. True to the IPL motto “Where Talent Meets” Opportunity “, the addition of two new teams will bring more domestic cricketers from our country to the global stage. The ITT process involved two interested bidders from outside India, which is the global appeal of the IPL The IPL is proving to be a wonderful instrument in the globalization of the game of cricket. I am very much looking forward to IPL 2022. “

BCCI Honorary Secretary Jay Shah said, “It is a meaningful day for all of us and my name is RPSG Ventures Ltd. and Irelia Company Pte Ltd formally welcome to the IPL Group. We had promised that IPL would get bigger and better from the 15th season and with Lucknow and Ahmedabad we will lead the league to different parts of India. The IPL has established gold standards for leagues around the world and remains a premium event on the sports calendar as it has grown rapidly in a short period of time. Despite numerous challenges. Seasons 13 and 14 have been completed due to COVID-19, and the offers prove that interested parties have confidence in BCCI and its hosting capabilities. I am happy for the people in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat as the long wait is over and they will now have their own IPL team. My best wishes to the two new teams. “

IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel said: “The high level of interest shown by the interested parties shows that IPL is one of the most sought-after sports leagues in the world. We had offers from different parts of the world and from parties with different portfolios that were for a foray into the world of sport. My warmest congratulations to RPSG Ventures Ltd and Irelia Company Pte Ltd for securing the rights to operate the two teams. We had a wonderful 14th season and the 2022 season will see a fresh start. “

BCCI Volunteer Treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal said: “The fact that the knockdown prices were well above the base price set for the two new IPL franchises is a direct indication of the true value of the Indian Premier League with many conglomerates that put her hat in the ring. I congratulate RPSG Ventures Ltd. and Irelia Company Pte Ltd for placing the highest bids and winning the rights to the IPL teams. I also thank all of the bidders for their trust in BCCI and IPL. This is the start of an exciting chapter and I can’t wait for the big auction to see how the new teams perform. “

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