Kia K5 available with interest-free loan for the first time in 2021


The Kia K5, formerly known as Optima, was only launched last summer. The South Korean midsize sedan is a sharp successor to the model it replaces – arguably the best-looking version to date. While this might inspire buyers to buy the sedan in this era of SUVs and trucks, Kia is making a compelling proposition to up the ante.

Corresponding CarsDirect, the Kia K5 2021 is available now through an interest-free loan. The zero percent APR funding offer was launched last Tuesday, which can be stacked over a conquest bonus of $ 750 for those brand changes.

Even better, all Kia K5 trim levels are eligible for this offer. This is the first time Kia has ever offered that deal for the Korean sedan, and it’s a breeze that you’ll save a lot by financing the car instead.

To put things in perspective, a five-year loan at 4 percent APR on a car at $ 25,000 would cost $ 460 a month, which is over $ 2,600 in interest. With Kia’s action, the interest-free loan would cost just $ 417 a month before fees and taxes.

CarsDirect pointed out that the $ 750 conquest bonus is completely new and could translate into about a $ 1,300 benefit on a $ 25,000 car. This also corresponds to a price reduction of 5 percent in relation to the RRP.

save over $3,400 on average from RRP * for a new one Kia K5

If you want to lease a Kia K5, CarsDirect discovered it would be cheaper to opt for its cousin, the 2021 Hyundai Sonata, instead. The Hyundai has an effective cost of $ 257 per month, while the K5 in its LXS configuration would cost an effective cost of $ 282 per month for a 36-month lease.


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