New Hampshire bankruptcies are rising slightly but remain at historically low levels

54 people and companies applied for protection in October

54 New Hampshire individuals and companies filed for bankruptcy protection in October, six more than the record lows of 48 filed in September.

Despite the slight monthly increase, the number of registrations for the month was 18 percent below the 66 submitted in October 2020 and far fewer than the 466 in 2009, in the middle of the last recession.

You would have to go back to 1986 to find an October with fewer submissions (51). Submissions have now stayed below 100 – and often well below 100 – for 19 months in a row. 30 years earlier they had been over 100 every month.

Everyone expected bankruptcies to increase during the pandemic, but instead their number fell by over 40 percent compared to 2019 when it averaged 88. This year they averaged 63.

However, the number of company registrations increased. Six personal filings contained business-related debt, compared with three in September. And three companies signed up directly, compared to two in September. However, two are affiliates (and the owner has also personally filed business debts). They are:

  • EyeCor Construction LLC, Concord, filed Oct. 7, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 689,680. Liabilities: $ 11,205,673.
  • Corbell Development LLC, Concord, filed October 7, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 18,027. Liabilities: $ 6,424,049.
  • Krypton Home Services LLC, Milford, filed October 13, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 336 Liabilities: $ 59,067.

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