One-Punch Man ends Garou Arc after 7 years


One punch mans latest chapter officially ended one of the series’ biggest fights to date, and it has now been announced that the series will bring the long-running Garou saga to an end after seven long years. The human-monster saga has been the longest-running story in Yusuke Murata’s version of ONE’s original webcomic, as when Garou was first introduced to the series, everything suddenly escalated into an all-out war between the human and monster factions. It all then led to a dramatic final fight between Saitama and Garou, and that means the fight will generally be over soon.

Garou’s involvement in the series really took a backseat for a while as the Monster Association then became a full antagonist as he grew in his monsterizing abilities. With the massive latest chapter released for the series, the battle between the two was now officially over, and an unsurprising winner unsurprisingly won. With the chapter seemingly ending everything, Yusuke Murata took to Twitter to assure fans that the Garou saga will indeed come to an end very soon.

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As Murata told fans on Twitter, they almost followed the last one The 80-page chapter that concludes the fight between Saitama and Garou will explore the aftermath of the Garou arc in the next chapter of the series. Murata has been working towards this ending for seven years and confirms that the arc will indeed be over soon as he promises fans he will continue to draw a lot more. So while it’s the end of an era for the manga itself, luckily it doesn’t seem to be the end of the manga run overall as there’s a lot more to come.

The series offers many options to explore next, because while the fight with Garou might have taken Saitama to a divine new level, the culmination of the fight represented hero number one’s secret galaxy-warping group, who apparently fighting another form of evil. Garou’s final possession seemed to tease that there are some massive beings out there that could pose even greater challenges for Saitama, and as such fans will have even more of the heroes in the future.

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