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A hearing is scheduled for a former longtime Rockland attorney to plead nearly $ 1.2 million worth of the theft of three elderly disabled people.

The hearing on Tenants Harbor’s Anita M. Volpe, 75, is scheduled for October 18.

Details of a settlement agreement were not submitted to the court. A phone message was left with her lawyer, Leonard Sharon, on Friday morning.

Volpe was charged in March 2019 with triple theft, double misuse of Class B entrusted property, and misuse of Class C entrusted property. In October 2019, the Maine Attorney General filed papers with the court in 2019 stating that they would seek a seven-year prison sentence if Volpe were convicted of the charges.

Volpe pleaded not guilty on her April 2019 indictment.

The case, like most in the judicial system, has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed by the court.

Volpe is free on bail on the condition that she is neither a trustee nor a personal representative nor does she manage finances for anyone until the proceedings are completed.

A memorandum filed in court by Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin in October 2019 alleges Volpe stole $ 553,225 from Mary Webb; $ 490,416 from Patricia Wakefield; and more than $ 100,000 from Corine Hendrick. The state suggests that Volpe repay these amounts to Webb and Wakefield’s estate.

Volpe served as the authorized signatory for the three women.

According to the state, Volpe stole Webb and Wakefield to repay the estate of Hendrick, her mother-in-law.

The longtime local attorney allegedly used the stolen money to pay off personal credit card debt and buy real estate, a state memo to the court said. The property comprised land adjoining their home in St. George.

Volpe also used some of the money to repair their law firm on Main Street in Rockland, according to the state. She is also said to have used the money to repair her house.

Volpe also traded a Wakefield car to pay for a pickup truck, the state claims.

According to the Maine Board of Overseers website, Volpe has abandoned her bar license. In 1977 she was admitted to the Maine Bar.




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