Reset button is now Lexria, on a mission to get financial


NEW YORK, Jun 9, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Reset Button announced today that it has changed its name to Lexria. The new name reflects the company’s mission to make financial equity accessible.

“There are many legal services available for consumers with financial problems, but lawyers cannot always get the business model up and running on their own,” said Rob Hunter, the company’s CEO. “We are using technology to make these legal services – such as student loan relief in the event of bankruptcy – financially accessible for consumers and feasible for lawyers.”

Lexria helps needy borrowers obtain student loan exemption through an adversarial process during or after bankruptcy. For borrowers who fit the historical profile of an individual likely to receive a student loan discharge, Lexria has a network of partner attorneys trained in student loan litigation.

Many people believe that bankruptcy student loans are not deductible, including some bankruptcy attorneys. While student loans are excluded from standard bankruptcy proceedings, they can be included if the borrower files adversarial proceedings – a type of bankruptcy proceeding. Approximately half of borrowers who file adversarial proceedings during or after their bankruptcy receive some form of relief, including a partial or full repayment of their student loan.

With $ 1.6k of outstanding student loans, 10% of which are already in arrears, there has never been a more critical time to address the student debt issue.

Lexria has received inquiries from thousands of student loan borrowers and has established a network of partner attorneys in the United States

“The support Lexria offers borrowers and their attorneys is critical to bringing student loan disbursements to more Americans,” said Ed Boltz, an attorney for the Lexria Network and past president of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. “It shows that bankruptcy relief is possible and not just in the most extreme cases, giving borrowers hope and their bankruptcy attorneys trust and support.”

Lexria makes financial justice available. By combining technology and modern business methods, Lexria unlocks vital legal services for consumers and enables attorneys to serve them in a practical way. Lexria’s initial focus is on student loan redemption in the event of bankruptcy. Lexria is a fully remote working team and has partner lawyers across the country.


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