Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Ninety Nine: Ghost Stories


Another bites the grass. “Rivervale” claimed its next victim in Riverdale Season 6, Episode 2.

The spirit of La Llorona drove the city into a frenzy and it took many upheavals for these characters to give up their ghosts. Some had it easier than others, others could not give it up yet.

Rivervale is after blood. And in this five-part series of events, this chapter was the most atmospheric horror of all time.

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Ghost Stories focused on the ghost of La Llorona as the main villain. If you’ve seen The Conjuring films, or any of the films about this urban legend, you will get a good feel for just how dangerous the ghost can be.

La Llorona doesn’t mess around when it comes to collecting their young victims.

The amalgamation of the legend with the lore of Rivervale worked because of the longstanding parent-child stories and what was done in the separate Riverdale universe. Alice had overprotected her children, Hiram was obsessed with Veronica, and many other times when things went to extreme lengths.

It made sense that a deadly character like Darla Dickerson would turn into a spirit of vengeance out of spite. Her sons were very important to her, and the death of her youngest child would have overwhelmed her.

In addition, it is not impossible that a villain may conjure up the ghosts. Riverdale itself has turned to brainwashing board games and holding corpses.

Magical Ritual - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2

We can’t blame Betty for not believing Toni and Lucinda at first. She had to use her judgment to solve cases and she didn’t have much concrete evidence that it was La Llorona.

The problem here, however, was that she had some early evidence.

Cheryl told her that a sea witch tried to drown juniper! Didn’t she care that her niece was almost murdered?

Cheryl: Cousin, I need your mother to take the twins with me for a few days.
Betty: Okay, why?
Cheryl: Because some nasty water nymph from an M. Night Shyamalan movie is sneaking around the halls of Thornhill and threatening her. Are you going to let Alice know or should I?
Betty: Um … [Stunned silence]

Betty could have avoided every mess La Llorona made her if she’d listened to Cheryl at all. Her unborn baby with Archie would not have been taken because she would be away from her home.

Betty believes in logic, so it suits her overall character. But after sacrificing Archie in Riverdale season 6, episode 1, I was expecting some room to ponder a ghost.

The Next Story - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2

At least with Nana Blossom and Cheryl, they dive right in with no questions asked.

I loved that the Blossoms became the defacto family for all supernatural and paranormal problems. Cheryl had everything ready to channel the ghosts and conduct their seance. And she has a lot of respect for them.

Nana Blossom’s obsession and suffocation on the water was an intense moment. If the group had put more pressure on, they could have drowned channeling Martha; Cheryl used common sense to know what she was doing.

The anticipation for her witch crossover with Sabrina Spellman is so great!

La Llorona - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2

Are you torn when Toni became the latest Rivervale victim?

Sure, she didn’t die in the traditional sense, but becoming La Llorona is her version of undead immortality. It won’t be a happy eternity for her.

Toni: You can give it to me and then you would be free.
La Llorona: Why would you offer that?
Toni: Because I would give up everything for my son. My life. But also because I killed another woman and should be punished for it. But it should be me, not baby Anthony. You have suffered enough, Martha. Let me take your place

Your decision to protect Anthony at all costs was a noble one. Let’s face it: when she didn’t make it, La Llorona took Anthony. The ghost was already claiming Betty’s unborn child and Sandra; Toni’s baby was out of the question.

It was easy for her to protect her child. It is even more terrifying, however, that she is cursed forever. It’s a nightmare that will never end.

Veronica and Reggie’s latest dating problems, like their previous problems, could have been solved with some communication. All he had to do was figure out “Bella” and his focus on the car.

Veronica was more than open about the need for a distraction after his father was in the hospital. She also knew how much he loved his high school car.

Veronica: I can take a lot, Reggie, but I won’t allow you to romanticize an abusive relationship. She was grown up and took advantage of you. And that sick obsession with your car is just a continuation of that toxic dynamic.
Reggie: We never did anything. She was the only adult I could trust; the only one I’ve ever told about the abuse in my home. She listened to me. She helped me.

Rivervale reveals some of the hurdles this couple faces.

Reggie might actually still love Miss Soprano, so his car could become an obsession. We have to see if his ghostly rider shows up in future episodes or if this was his once-in-a-lifetime scary story.

Power Couple - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 1

Your mystery felt like a cross between Stephen King’s Christine and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Season 1 episode 12 (“The fairy tale of the prom queen”).

It had a very ghostly ’50s aesthetic, and there was no way of knowing exactly if the car was haunted or if it was all in Reggie’s head. I’m more inclined to the latter because it was a new car, and Reggie seemed obsessed with the idea of ​​seeing Miss Soprano instead of her being there.

Her scenes had more of Riverdale’s classic 50s charm, like the diner, the neon, and the music.

The selection was a pleasant one because it enhanced the mood of the mind. And it made up for the other two ghost stories, which were darker and more depressing.

Home Sweet Home - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2

With Tabitha and Jughead’s story, they had the most intense plot. You could feel the hatred flare up between them as Chapter Ninety-Seven: Ghost Stories continued.

Their problems were the most down to earth because they were preoccupied with things any couple would deal with. If two people cannot live together, they will not survive as a couple.

I cannot put “Spirit of Vengeance” in my report.


Tabitha was absolutely right about her anger.

It could have taken Jughead a few minutes to hang the pictures or do something in the apartment. And if they talked about how to clean things, he shouldn’t be reminded of that.

Tabitha is not his caretaker. Jughead really rubbed me the wrong way with his attitude.

Fresh Start - Riverdale Season 6, Episode 1

The apartment curse felt like it was inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining.

“Sam and Diane” were cheeky references to the Cheers characters, but the story of an obsessed writer with writer’s block and his partner trying to keep things together borrowed a lot from that story. Also, in this case, Diane was the villain while it would have been Sam.

The hammer made for a lot of anticipation. Whenever it happened by chance or Tabitha had a terrifying nightmare, it felt like she was one step closer to Jughead’s death.

I was shocked that she didn’t hit his head. All the parts were there to finish it off!

Rivervale seems to be playing with the topic of letting us guess who will die next. It’s an exciting twist because the obvious answer here would have been Jughead. Now we’re going to be on our toes to find out who is dying next.

Cutting Wood - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 1

Final Thoughts from Sweetwater River:

  • Archie’s milk cartoon photo now confirms that he really died during the ritual.
  • Poor Toni. She didn’t mean to kill Danny Dickerson, but she will live with that guilt forever.
  • Jughead has to involve Tabitha in his trial. The last thing he wants is for his girlfriend to compare himself to his ex.
  • Jughead doesn’t tell Tabitha about the murder-suicide in her apartment? Big red flag.
Moving - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 1

Now to you, Riverdale fans.

What do you think of Chapter Ninety-Seven: Ghost Stories?

Who will be the next character to die? Are Reggie / Veronica and Tabitha / Jughead’s dating troubles over? What supernatural case will happen next?

If you missed the latest episode of Rivervale, you can watch Riverdale online through TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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