Ron Perelman’s debts are falling due


In 2012, Mr. Perelman sued his art dealer Larry Gagosian, alleging he had been repeatedly tricked into spending more on works than they were worth. In 2013, Harland Clarke, another Perelman company, sued Michael Milken on a deal. Mr. Perelman said it wasn’t personal, but it was nonetheless. Mr. Milken was instrumental in making Mr. Perelman a billionaire as the former head of High Yield Securities at Drexel, Burnham, Lambert.

Both lawsuits were dismissed.

Less known: Mr. Perelman is a simple crier.

It happened in the MacAndrews & Forbes offices during a recent interview when he was talking about the end of his marriage to Ms. Duff. In 1996, less than two years after the birth of their daughter Caleigh, Mr. Perelman separated from her in the back seat of a chauffeured car while she was attending the Democratic National Convention.

That wasn’t the part that made him cry.

Upon returning home, Mr. Perelman called his ex-wife, Ms. Cohen. He lived on his estate in Creeks. She was on her old dive at Lily Pond Lane, which is 9.5 acres.

Mr. Perelman and Mrs. Cohen were not in a good position at the time. Aside from the way the marriage ended, he had made clear his dislike of the man she was recovering with. With hindsight, Mr. Perelman admitted that this wasn’t exactly fair, even if the man is ex-New York Senator Al D’Amato, who was linked to personal and professional scandals, such as The Los Angeles Times once said, “like a sweaty undershirt”.

“She said, ‘Come on over,’ and we talked pretty much all night,” said Mr. Perelman, his lips trembling and eyes going up. “And she never said a word about my making life difficult for her. We just kept it simple and I talked about what an idiot I was. After that everything was as before. “

Though not quite. You weren’t romantically involved.

But she helped him through his epic three-year divorce from Ms. Duff and stood by his side seven years later when his fourth marriage to actress Ellen Barkin ended. (Not good either: “The last time I saw Ellen, she threw a drink in my face,” he said.)


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