… Sheath your sword, says Ngige to warring members of Anambra


from Adanna Nnamani, Abuja and Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

minister for Labor and Employment, Chris Ngige, has urged the belligerent members of the Anambra state APC chapter to sheath their swords while the party’s leaders bring their heads together to find a solution.

In a statement, Ngige, the leader of the state party, advised incumbent state chairman Basil Ejidike not to invent a Trojan horse but to look inward and mend the self-inflicted rift in the State Exco and State Working Committee (SWC.))

“The Honorable Minister of Labor and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, has been inundated with calls from home because of the unfortunate development of the State Chapter of our great ones Party, APC, culminating in the suspension of the incumbent state chairman.

“All of these are consequences of the robbery on the 26th declared the winner. The situation seething, festered and resulted in the loss of the gubernatorial elections. The Minister had watched all incredulous!

“Nigerians are aware of the incessant stabilization efforts of the federal government after COVID-19” job Environment and buoy national productivity, therefore the honorable Minister for Labor and Employment daily fights with very tight schedules so as to give little thought to the intrigues after the election in his national chapter of the party.

“Still, Senator Ngige would like to assure all members that Controversial issues will soon be settled, as the party’s critical state actors in the state are on their toes Resolution.

“While we are doing this, however, the embattled incumbent President Basil Ejidike is recommended to wrap his mind around self-made Break up in the state labor committee and work towards a solution by telling the truth to yourself first. Creating a phantom trojan too Explaining self inflicted injuries is unthinkable.

“I urge all members once again to refrain from actions that could cause further damage to the party and rather look inward to make up for our losses. The party lives beyond the November 6 gubernatorial election. There were other tasks ahead of us, ”he said.

However, Chief Ejidike, who briefed journalists after a SWC meeting in Awka, said that APC had decided to set up a disciplinary committee to unravel the people behind the scenes.

He claimed that the loyalists of Senator Ngige, the party’s gubernatorial candidate in the elections on Jan.

He also said the party is establishing what is known as an APC Congress Awareness Committee (CAC) in preparation for the party’s national convention next year.

Ejidike announced that everyone involved in the problems must face the recommendations of the party constitution.

“We are Committed to the ideals of the party, we remain loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari and the national leadership of our great party under Governor Bunu. “

Ejidike debunked allegations that he had been dismissed from his post as vice chairman, adding that those who committed such an insidious act were not members of APC.

He said there was no time the state party executive led to such a meeting, adding that he is still unhindered in his duties

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