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Published: Sep 16, 2021 4:14 p.m. ET

With the phenomenal year that the first production sire Downbytheseaside has enjoyed on the racetrack, it is not surprising that the yearlings in his second crop are attracting a lot of attention at tomorrow (Friday, September 17th) Ohio Selected Jug Sale.

“We are very excited about the sale because we have 20 percent of all ‘Seasides’ in the entire auction in our shipment,” said Adam Bowden of Diamond Creek Farm, who also manages the stallion.

“We are very happy to be able to offer some of our particularly nice individuals, but we are over the moon with how well his first vintage did this season.”

Bowden also noted that the stallion himself is recovering well from his colic operation Down Under and is expected to return to the breeding stable at Woodland Stud in the Southern Hemisphere this season.

The Diamond Creek consignment crew is thrilled with the success of their stallion Downbytheseaside. (Chris Tully photo)

The enthusiasm for the down-by-the-seaside offspring is certainly contagious, because most of the consignors at the Ohio Select sale have a lot to offer. Randy Haines, manager of Cool Winds Farm and president of Ohio Harness Horse Breeders, is very optimistic about the sales climate.

“The ‘Seasides’ will certainly drive the market,” remarked Haines. “We expect a huge amount to go on sale and all the right players are here and actively searching. All other sales have increased and we have 44 of the hottest step sires of the season. “

Of course, with 280 year olds, other sires are also well represented in the sale. Steiner Stock Farm bred World Champion Sea Silk p, 2.1: 51.2h-’21 ($ 340,000), the two-year-old Ohio Sire Stakes Champion Pacing filly, and last year’s Little Brown Jug winner Captain Barbossa p, 4, 1: 47.1- ’21 ($ 561,120).

Farm Manager Al Manke said, “The money in Ohio is great and all of our horses have drawn a lot of attention. We have a Fear The Dragon sister from Sea Silk who is just the thing for us. “

The Mossbarger family has bred horses in Ohio for generations, and Dr. John Mossbarger is still getting butterflies.

“Well, it’s September in Ohio – the Little Brown Jug and Yearling Sales. We’ve been doing this for 50 years and I’m still just as nervous as I was in the first year.

“We are very proud of our show, which also includes a nice group from Hannover Shoe Farms. We got good reviews for the Long Toms and Fear The Dragon had a good year. We’re looking forward to a good sale for all of our consignors, ”added Mossbarger.

Robert Hershberger, who runs Enterprise at his Dublin Valley Farms, noticed the extra attention his first stallion brought to his facility.

“We have never had so many people on our farm who have spoken out so much about a particular horse. For us this attraction was great. We’re young and we’re just starting out, it’s very exciting. We never had this feeling when selling. “

Mitch Nault of LMN Bred Stables said, “We are very much looking forward to the Enterprise’s first harvest. We hope that Enterprise will become another Walner as they are both sons of Chapter Seven. Our show also has some nice individuals from the real sires: Downbytheseaside and What The Hill. “

Kevin Greenfield of Hickory Lane Farms is also interested in his What The Hill yearlings.

“We’re really looking forward to our group from What The Hill. He’s third behind Walner and Chapter Seven [two-year-old earnings], and right now in front of Muscle Hill. He has the most two-year winners in the state and the most money. We look forward to a great sale tomorrow, and I think you’ll see more out-of-state involvement with Downbytheseasides and What The Hills. “

Spring Haven Farm brings one of the largest shipments to the Ohio sale historically, often selling the spikes. When asked about her group this year, Senena Esty was quick to mention her Lost For Words brother on Heart Of Chewbacca p, 3,1: 48.4f-’21 ($ 344,523).

“We have a large selection. We have a lot of downby the easides. We have a lot of Fear the Dragons … don’t forget the Fear the Dragons. On the harness racing side, the Enterprises are outstanding. And What The Hills and Uncle Peters… don’t forget Uncle Peters! ”Esty was emphatic.

“We have some great Uncle Peter colts,” added Esty.

Mark Adams of Winterwood Farm concluded, “We can’t wait to see these horses sell. There is an energy in the air and the buyers will be in power. “

All eyes will be clearly on the Ohio Selected Jug Sale on Friday, September 17th at the Pickaway Ag Center.

(Ohio Harness Horse Breeders)



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