St. Louis repays $ 5 million after attorney general’s offer to cancel debt fails | politics


Jones responded with an offer to spend the funds on hiring incentives for 911 dispatchers, cash incentives for city police officers to get COVID-19 vaccinations, and mental health programs for police officers.

Chris Nuelle, a spokesman for Schmitt’s office, said in an email on Tuesday that the attorney general‘s office still believes that St. Louis owes the debt since Jones’ response did not include Schmitt’s intended target of the deal, the city to allow more police officers to be recruited.

Nuelle wrote that, out of respect for law enforcement, we “graciously offered to use this money to hire more local officials to patrol the city and fight violent crime.”

He added: “Again it is sad that the mayor has made this a public and political issue and that recruiting more police officers is not on the agenda of the mayor of the murderous capital of the United States. As it appears the mayor has won . ” Do not accept our offer, we will try to reclaim the money that the state owes. “

Nuelle couldn’t immediately say on Tuesday when St. Louis should begin repaying the funds.

Jones said at a press conference that she suspected the offer was a political stunt by Schmitt, a Republican running for the US Senate in 2022. Jones and Schmitt have repeatedly traded political barbs on social media in the past year.

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