Take an exclusive look inside the new Somers Point Target



Since the Somers Point Taco Bell opened, not so many people have been so excited that a new store is coming to town.

I’m a bit humorous about that, but when Somers Point Kmart closed in late 2019, the future of this mall looked a little bleak. After all, there aren’t too many large stores that can easily fill 100,000 square feet of retail space.

And then Target stepped in and announced that they were coming to town.

In the past few months, the old Kmart has been gutted and completely redesigned to match the typical design of a Target store (Fun Fact: Somers Point Kmart was the last new Kmart store ever built).

I had a chance to peek inside last night and the place looks pretty spectacular.

While many of us know the layout of the Mays Landing Target inside out, this place looks like it’s going to be a little different. First, according to The Press of Atlantic City, this shop will be about 30,000 square feet smaller than your typical Target. Second, the floor plan will be a little different – for example, the Mays Landing Target’s grocery section is far to the right as you walk in. At Somers Point Store, it’s right on the opposite wall.

Officially there is no big opening date, but this is what the store looks like …

Take an exclusive look at the New Somers Point, NJ, Target Store

Direct hit! This is what the new destination at Somers Point looks like …


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