Tana Mongeau shadows Austin McBroom over Social Gloves’ ongoing bankruptcy fiasco


Tana Mongeau cast shadow over Austin McBroom of The Ace Family in a tweet yesterday. The latter, part of Social Gloves Entertainment, was part of the boxing event on June 12th in Miami, Florida along with several other YouTubers and TikTokers.

In the tweet, Tana Mongeau specifically called Austin McBroom, explaining that his involvement in Social Gloves was allegedly related to the fact that other content creators are not getting paid.

The tweet comes right after Vinnie Hacker, Josh Richards and Fouseytube claimed that everyone who attended the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event has not yet been paid. In an episode of the BFFs podcast, the former two claimed that none of the fighters or artists were paid.

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Tana Mongeau and Austin McBroom’s commitment to Social Gloves

Social Gloves Entertainment came up after rumors that they were going to file for bankruptcy after the boxing event. In its statement on Twitter, the company admitted that it “hired a leading accounting firm and world-class forensic auditor to ensure that all amounts are properly accounted for.”

The organization also stated that its “sincere hope is to pay in a timely manner for every fighter and talent who participated in this spectacular event.”

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This isn’t the first time Tana Mongeau has called Austin McBroom since the boxing event. In some tweets that have now been deleted, the internet personality has accused professional basketball player of allegedly cheating on his wife Catherine using a fake nanny company.

Tana also tweeted on June 12 that Austin McBroom “cheated on Catherine with a random b *** h and left her lipstick in his car”.

Austin McBroom replied that it was fellow influencer Erika Costell’s lipstick before mentioning:

“Your lie won’t spare the attention your little friend Bryce will get for his goddamn gasp.”

At the time of writing, Austin McBroom mentioned Tana Mongeau in a tweet that said that if a woman “Tana Mongeau wanted to sleep in the ring, she would talk to me!” He also responded to the model’s claims on his Instagram story.

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